Of fashion bloggers and meeting new friends

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting with my fashion blogger-girl friends and being introduced to new faces. It was a much needed boost, seeing as how sad I was feeling the previous week.

We went to Greenbelt where -

- we had yogurts at Red Mango.
I had a medium-sized serving topped with my new favorite combi of grapes, pineapples and Mandarin oranges.
- Kuya Ebong - a very talented voice talent! - predicted I'll meet a new guy before the night is through, provided I go with the rest of the girls to Cubao X.
I didn't go though, because I had work the next day =|

- we had a sumptuous dinner at Mr. Jones.
I shared the Wicked Truffled Mac 'n Cheese with Cathy

- we posed for lots of photos!
From left to right: Ana (in a phone call with Aisa), Mike, me, Ava, Cathy, Honey, Raleene, Reg, Aie
Don't you just love how fierce our shoes are? I can't help but smile when I look through our photos from that night. It's so nice to be surrounded by stylish, gorgeous people!

Much thanks to Honey for organizing this! This is the first time us fashion bloggers got to get together on a whim, without attending a blog event as a backdrop for the meet-up. I've said it before and will say it again: blogging has made my world smaller and my social circle wider! I don't think I'd get to meet these sweet ladies in any other circumstance but now I'm just thankful I did. I love making new friends. ♥

By the way, you do know how impulsive I can get when it comes to shopping, right? Apparently these ladies are also somewhat afflicted by the "impulse shopping bug". Symptoms of this include a ton of accessories just sitting in the drawers, closets with doors impossible to shut close and non-existent breathing space, and overflowing shoe racks. Because of this, we will hold a blogger garage sale on the third week of February and we really hope you can come and visit. (Note to self: don't bring extra money because I might end up buying more than I can sell x_x) Details will be posted soon ;)

Photos without the krissyfied.com watermark were grabbed from the ladies ♥

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