Getting more than I bargained for at the Bloggers' Closet

22 February 2011

Shopping and being with my girl friends belong to my list of favorite activities I love doing. Last Sunday I got to do both at the Bloggers' Closet!

I arrived at the venue in Town & Country Executive Village at around 4PM already because of work. Too bad I missed seeing the people who got there early but I'm still glad I got there when I did. It was fun seeing people going around the racks of clothes and bags and displays of shoes and accessories!

Nicole, Paula, me,  Ana, Ava,  Pax, Aie, Donna, Melai, Honey
Photo from Mae
Ana was so productive! She was able to make her best-selling connector rings while chatting with us ♥
I love this photo. Aie's so pretty :)
With my pretty classmate from college Paula.
She's the creator of the Maria Paulita handmade accessories I featured in my previous post ♥
My frozen yogurt topped with chocolates and candies ♥
I look like a silly little girl here but I don't care LOL.
I was stoked to see Helga there! I've been a fan and silent reader of her blog  for about a year now =D
Mae, Paula and I were also able to sneak a bit to take some photos outside.

I ♥ this outfit.
Necklace - Maria Paulita | Dress - FAB | Belt - YRYS | Ballet flats - Tomato | Bag - Marithe Francois Girbaud
It's not a shopping trip without treats!

Gifts from Paula: colorful pin cuff bracelet and earrings
A top and a dress
My favorite purchase: a red satchel bag I got the night prior when I brought the stuff I sold to the venue.
LOL it's always nice to be the first to pick :D
The rush you get from getting a pretty dress at a very cheap price, ahhhh, bliss. The excitement brought by seeing all those pretty things on display, perfection. Heaven and happiness brought by pretty little things. It's not all girl stuff and frivolity, though. Some people may think this event is just a bunch of girls gushing about pretty clothes, but that's barely scratching the surface. For one, it was great to see my friends from school or the workplace bond with my friends from the blogging community. For me it has never been a matter of who's the better friend to whom, rather it's the human connection we all share and enjoy ♥ After we left the venue, Paula, Mae and I had dinner at Jollibee in Anonas and it was so hard to leave because we had so many stories we wanted to share, even though they met just a few hours prior. I love how my friends have befriended each other, and how I have befriended my friends' friends ♥

I'm looking forward to Bloggers' Closet Part 2!!

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