Her name is Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie.

18 March 2010

Last Monday I was feeling pretty bored and lamenting that it's my vacation and I SHOULD be having fun when my classmate and friend from college Dewi texted me to invite me to the premiere night of The Lovely Bones. Of course I said yes! (Krissy's note: I should have blogged about it since a couple of days ago but I was waiting for the pictures from Ed but since he still hasn't uploaded them 'til now I might as well just write about it now before I forget the details :D) Before I go on, let me tell you that I am the most geographically-challenged person I know; I have a very little sense of direction and it is very easy for me to get lost, most especially if I am not familiar with the place. Where did I go? People from Manila who read this might laugh at me, but I actually got lost on my way to Glorietta! Yes, Glorietta which is like one of the most famous malls here, accessible by trains or cabs. I only had to take a jeepney to LRT R.Papa station, ride the train, take the adjoining MRT at EDSA station, then alight at Ayala station, go inside SM Makati then there is already a shortcut there to Glorietta. I know all of those, and I still got lost. I was really stressed at the onset because I would be coming from Navotas and only had an hour and a half travel time before the movie starts. Add to that the fact that the LRT got stuck in Carriedo station for about 15 minutes because of some booboo and that I went down EDSA station meaning to just take a cab (and did not get any available ones so I had to go up the MRT station again which I should have done in the first place) so the end result was I called Dane while walking, bawling that I might miss the movie already and that I should just go home haha! I literally cried! But yeah, I figured I should just still try since I was already there and all. And I made it! I met with Ed, Dewi, Karlo and Eden just before the lights at the cinema were dimmed and the movie started! Isn't that awesome, or what? :D

Wow, that was a very long introduction.

Anyway, I have actually been waiting for this movie for so long ever since I read the book my lovely blogfriend Marj sent me in December. I honestly thought it would never be shown here anymore as the movie was screened in the States back in December 11. I even bought the *cough*pirated DVD*cough* just last Saturday because I wanted to see it so badly. Good thing I haven't watched it yet, thanks for inviting me, Dewi! :)

my ticket :)

I love that the movie did not deviate too much from the events in the book. All of the actors performed really well and did a great job at portraying their characters. Saoirse Ronan brought life to the character of Susie Salmon, and Susan Sarandon was so funny as Grandma Lynn. Rachel Weisz was gorgeous, Mark Wahlberg was hot, and of course, Stanley Tucci was so creepy as Mr. Harvey and very well-deserving to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Oscars. The movie had great visuals and Peter Jackson did a great job at putting just the right touch of suspense and drama. I mean, I already knew what was going to happen as I have already read the book but I was screaming with the audience at the terrifying parts! He might just have overdone it a bit on the effects, but I am not complaining as he painted a beautiful, beautiful picture of the in-between world.

After the movie, we bonded at Starbucks, then grabbed a bite at McDonald's Greenbelt where we stayed until 2am just reminiscing about our college lives. Fun times! It was great to see them, especially Eden who I haven't seen since we graduated almost three years ago. Three years? Wow, has it really been that long? In a few weeks I would be celebrating my 20th 24th birthday and I still don't know what to do yet. I mean, I want someone to throw a surprise birthday party for me but I don't know how to go about hinting it lol :D

It was already too late (or too early in the morning, take your pick) when we decided to leave and I was scared to go home as I might be Lovely Bone-d lol so I opted to sleep over at Dewi's  house in Marikina. We chatted some more on our way home and she gave me an overnight bag that I can use to Pagudpud (yay!), slept at about 3am, then woke up at 7am. (I am an early riser no matter what time I sleep) I left their house at around 10am, then finally reached my parents' house in Navotas at around 12:30pm :)

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend that you go see it. And read the novel as well while you're at it. :) Meanwhile, I should be preparing to leave now because I will meet up with Ana later, then watch Jason Castro perform at TriNoma. Yeehee! :D


  1. my friend's bf is sending me this book all the way from australia for my birthday gift (because I asked him, lol) and now I'm still waiting for the package to arrive, haha, can't wait.

    I love how you don't spoil any part of the story here. Oh man, I have a long long long list of to-read books, which are still sitting in my shelf because I'll feel guilty reading them, I need to get my thesis done soon and so I can enjoy the books euphoria! lol.

  2. I watched this movie and cried all the way through. You're right about the dreamy and spectacular recreation of the in-between world. I could never ask for more. I was not supposed to watch this because it didn't reap very good reviews but I'm glad I didn't pay attention to them.

  3. @ Tiara: That's because I don't want to ruin the experience for people who might not have seen the movie or read the book yet, thanks for appreciating :) I hope you get that package soon (and finish your thesis sooner than necessary) so you can already read the book :) Tell me what you think about it when you're done! :)

    @ Marj: I also cried, glad to know I am not alone :D Oh those movie critics can just shove it up their a**es haha, my Film professor told us before that the only people who have the right to critique a movie are people who have made movies themselves :)

  4. Hey, I got lost in Taipei and Macau, too, hehe. Of course, it was because I just arrived to the city. I guess it's a bit different in your case, hehe :)
    Thanks for sharing about the movie. Sounds interesting, but I don't really read books, so if, then I'll only watch the movie. But haven't been to the movies lately, need to catch up :-)

  5. I'll scour out the book store for the book. I heard people raving so much about it :) I decide book first movie later hehe

  6. @ Nino: Yeah, yours is different because you got lost in an entirely different country with a different language! If that ever happened to me I don't know what I would have done :D

    @ Andhari: Yes, read the book first! It's a beautiful, beautiful novel :)


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