Happy year-ender post!

31 December 2009

In just a little less than three(!) hours, clocks in my side of the world will strike 12 and we will officially say goodbye to a decade and herald the start of a new beginning.

What is it about new years that make people giddy all over? I mean, I know we have Christmas and birthday blues, but have you ever heard of anything like new year blues? If you're scared to grow one year older maybe, but if you embrace life, then there's nothing like seeing the sky being  lit with beautiful fireworks and hugging your loved ones as you welcome the new  year. Maybe it's the food, the fireworks, the firecrackers. For me, it's the feeling of beginning with a brand new slate, the promise of something NEW, and the feeling of being open to new POSSIBILITIES. People just feel overwhelmingly festive and cheerful and it's a lovely experience!  Ü

Yesterday, I experienced one of the best ways to cap an awesome year. I met with my friends from college (some of whom I haven't seen since we graduated almost three years ago!) for an out-of-town trip to Tagaytay. It is a popular summer tourist destination because of the cold climate due to  its high altitude. So why did we go there in December when it's already very cold even here in the city? That's just how we roll. And it's partly because we wanted to eat bulalo. Ü

We planned to meet up in Glorietta at  2pm and from there we will ride our rented van to our destination. Expected time of arrival is 3pm. Guess what time we left Glorietta? 5pm. Talk about including not being late in your New Year's Resolutions, people! But no one's complaining though, I guess we were already used to plans being changed at the last minute. :D

Anyway, we were not able to reach Picnic Grove in time to see the sunset. Such a shame since I was really looking forward to having my photos taken during daylight :D

I braved the cold in a white eyelet tube dress
I brought a jacket though so no worries :D

The gang
Karlo, Dewi, me, Khel, Lucky, Mines, Ed, and Glen


Glen and me

Dewi and me

Ed and me

Karlo, Dewi, Glen, Ed and Mines were my classmates. Khel was actually from the lower batch while Lucky is a friend of Ed's. It was a cool coincidence that all of us are Mass Communication graduates. Ü

We ate at Leslie's. I was too full I cannot even begin to describe it :D The food was yummy and very, very satisfying indeed! We ordered Yang Chow, Crispy Pata, Sinigang na Sugpo, Kare-kare, Chop Suey, Dalandan Shakes and Hot Calamansi Juice, and of course, Bulalo. (Too bad we weren't able to take photos of the food. We forgot because we were too hungry x_x)

waiting for our food

with our tummies already satisfied

After eating we took more photos. We passed by a 7-11 to buy Tanduay Ice for them which they drank (as you know, I do not drink) when we parked at a roadside to listen to music and make like we were in a bar, dancing. Fun! :D

them with their drinks :D

It was a night spent singing to songs and changing the lyrics, remembering "celebrities" of our childhood, laughing too much our insides hurt, badgering the driver to park in the nearest fastfood as some of us had to pee, and reminiscing our sweet ol' college days.

I reached the apartment at 1:17am. We could have gone on a farther road trip had I not needed to go to work today. Sucks to be me at these instances, I know, but good thing they understood my predicament and my need to have at least 4 hours of sleep in order to function :D I slept in the van almost half of our way home :D

A photo which encapsulates the night for me:


Memories of this night will stay with me forever. It was a perfect year-ender, indeed!

PS: Thank you Karlo and Ed for your Christmas gifts, you're so sweet!

3 pairs of H&M earrings from Ed's recent Hong Kong trip and a thick(!) journal from Karlo

And so now, I am bidding 2009 the sweetest farewell, and welcoming 2010 with pink, shimmering kisses!!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Let's all rock 2010!

*photos from the Tagaytay trip are all from Karlo. Ü


  1. you said it best, let's rock it ;)

  2. Happy new year Krissy...all the best for 2010.

  3. What a great way to bring in the new year! For me in won't really be 2010 until I remember to write it on my checks. LOL

    Happy New Year!

  4. hi krissy! glad you had such a fun time with your friends, what a great way to end the year :)

    happy new year

  5. A very happy new year, Krissy!
    Looks like you had a super time with your friends...and your white dress is adorable! Love the sandals too :)

  6. Happy New Year! And that event with your friends definitely looks like an amazing year-ender :D Hope the start of 2010 is amazing for youuu!

  7. Looks like you had a blast! <3

    Happy New Year! :) May the new year bring you nothing but good luck and happiness! <3

    You need to teach me more about all the yummy food you described! :P

  8. happy new year, love!

    omgd i totally love the journal your friend gave you. so bright! :D

  9. Ooo... looks like you had so much fun there! ;D I finally managed to escape from the thick blanket and went to a crowd crowd place where there were lots and lots and lots of fireworks with my friends, ahh... I love it ;D

    so HAPPY NEW YEAR baby! As you said it, let's rock it! This has got to be the best quote in early 2010, hahaha... ;D

    and I already can't wait for 2020, I mean... that sounds good, right? Haha...

  10. Happy new year!! i'm glad you had a great one :):)

  11. oohhh hehe im happy you had an incredible time in your trip....

  12. Looks like you REALLY had to brave the cold in that dress. I hope your jacket was enough to lessen the cold. But hey, doesn't matter what you're wearing, so long as you have friends to goof around with, right?. Looks like you had fun. Happy New Year krissy! :)

  13. @ Manju: Yes, let's! :D

    @ Leah: All the best for you too, Leah! :)

    @ Rick: I know, right? We were all used to writing down 2009 that 2010 still seems a bit weird :D

    @ Amynaree: Happy new year! :)

    @ Duni: Thank you! :)

    @ Nikolett: Thank you! I am hoping the same for you, too! :)

    @ Kay: I wish the same for you, too! Arggh I wish I know how to cook! :D

    @ the girl in stiletto: Happy new year!! Yep, Karlo knows I love journals and bright, happy colors :D

    @ Tiara: Great! I'm glad you were able to get out of bed and celebrate! :D

    @ Nitia/ Monto: Happy new year! :)

    @ Annie Marie: Thank you! :)

    @ Jessica: Yep, I surely did! Friends are amazing :) Happy new year Jess! :)

  14. Krissy, you are the sweetest. Thanks a lot!

  15. You look happy, I can't help smiling too :) I'm excited for 2010 because I do crave the whole clean slate thing, 2009 wasn't all that great. Happy new year, Krissy! :)

  16. I loved the last pic, you look happy and gorgeous!

    let's rock 2010!

  17. My eye popped when I saw your new journal! You have great friends. And I love your blog's new look!

  18. @ Andhari: Aww thank you, I'm glad I made you smile :) I am hoping that 2010 will be MUCH better for you! :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you! Let's! :D

    @ Marj: Thank you, I love them, they are awesome :) And my header was actually made by my bestfriend Jerome :)


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