Renewing my independence

24 November 2010

I was supposed to be very busy today because I was due to move to my new apartment. I don't think I have blogged about it already, but through my good friend/ officemate Mich and her mom's help I was able to find a new apartment :) For months now I have been staying in my good friend and former teammate Marsha's house after my former housemate Asther and I left our beloved apartment back in May because she needed to move to another house with her brother. Since Marsha transfered to another department earlier this month, it would be wiser and more practical for me to just move somewhere nearer the office.

The move has not been without glitches though. Even though I have been living independently for more than two years now, it'll be the first time that I would be living all by myself - without any housemates. My parents disapproved of this and tried to convince me to just go back home [and commute to and from work everyday]. I dislike the idea, mainly because this entails at least two hours of my time which would be better spent in other ways [like resting or watching a movie]. Besides, if I go back home I would need to wake up at least an hour and a half earlier than usual to accommodate the time it takes me to travel to work. Also, going back to my parents' house might mean bye-bye to attending events [since I would be required to go home early]. I'm already used to living alone anyway because even though I have had housemates before, we virtually had different schedules which meant I was alone by myself most of the time. I argued with these reasons, plus the fact I'd be living in an apartment just beside Mich's family's house, so at least I will be in good hands. In the end, I won. ;)

Okay, so today being my off I was supposed to move my stuff from my parents' to my new apartment, but I woke up this morning feeling really sick and crappy. My voice is still hoarse and croaky from the sleepless weekend I had, plus I suddenly got cough and colds yesterday. I also just learned - the hard way - that cough and colds plus period pains aren't a good combination. There is no way I can lift my shoes, clothes and other thingamajigs in this state, so I just ditched that plan and spent the day watching the newest episodes of my favorite TV shows Survivor (sucks that Brenda was voted out!), The Big Bang Theory (I will forever love Sheldon hee), How I Met Your Mother (BLITZ! Aw man..! Haha!) and Glee (Furt ♥)

Anyway, I'm still glad I stayed home because today is my parents' wedding anniversary. :)

My Mama and Papa ♥
Most of my friends and officemates who've met them have told me that I have cool and kind parents, always looking out for the welfare of their children. Well yes, I really do. Raising three kids [plus my cousin Jerico whose parents are both working overseas] is no joke, and they really did a good job, judging by how we turned out. I love them so much, and I hope that when I create a family of my own in the future we'll also be an excellent team like them.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I'll hit the mall for stuff I can personalize my new apartment with. My new house is actually very small but I don't mind. It has always been my dream to live in a Polly Pocket you know, so it's perfect! I can't wait to krissyfy it. Any ideas you might want to pitch in? :)

PS: I'm spreading Christmas cheer and sending out cards to everyone who'll want them! Just send me an email at krissyfied[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address.

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