August's Pretty Little Things

01 September 2010

August began as a fairly slow month for me so I thought it would just pass me by without anything significant happening. I couldn't be more wrong as this month turned out to be one of the most jam-packed ever! :)

This month has not been kind for my wallet though as I think I spent a lot on a new phone, a new phone line, a bunch of books, and a lot of other things that are too cute not to buy. Such a bad timing, too, as I really, really HAVE to save money now that our Singapore trip is (gasp!) less than two months away. I am not complaining though, I love everything I bought hee.

Here's my monthly round-up of pretty little things. For August, I loved:
  • Catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while, spending time with friends I never get tired of being with everyday, and meeting friends for the first time!
Classmate and friend from highschool Jess, me, my bestfriend Jerome, and his twin Jonas
I watched them play badminton on August 9. I'm glad we are still able to keep in touch :)
Our department had a teambuilding last August 21.
Marsha and I weren't able to stay long though as I accompanied her to Medical City for her checkup.
And you already know about how I met up with my Seventeen Sigaw sisters Belle, Grace and Kaiye :)
This photo is from Grace's album. My post can be found here.
Team Carlo's first teambuilding was held yesterday at Burby's.
I was pretty buzzed up last night XD I'm still waiting for photos from Watcher before I post a complete entry about it :)

Say hi to my manager, TL Carlo :D
This month I also got to meet blogfriend Mai for the first time. You can read my post about it here. She also wrote about our meetup here. I am so touched by the things she said about me. Thank you Mai, you are so awesome! :)
  • Burying myself in books.
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I posted a Google Image as I lent the first two books to my friend Mich before I was able to take a group shot of them three
Poster at the Mockingjay launch party I attended last Sunday
New "old" books I got from Booksale: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal
I also got a copy of Barney Stinson's The Bro Code :)
  • Wearing what I want to wear without worrying about what other people might think.
Wore my gladiator sandals last Monday when I met with my Sigaw girls. Unconventional fashion choice, but I think it suits me just fine :D
  • Trying out new things.
New skincare regimen: going organic via Human Heart Nature
McDonald's Rockin' Ruby Sprite Float
This is so yummy, I can drink this all day :D
  • Learning more about the Word of God
The wonderful people my good friend/ officemate Mommy Terry introduced me to are giving me weekly sessions of Bible study, and I couldn't be more thankful that they are sharing their precious time with me :)
*Photo via Google Image Search
  • Receiving a love package from a dear friend.
A present from Meream :)
I came home last Sunday to this pretty box of awesome. The love pack contains a typewriter trinket box, a compass, a journal, a pretty Scrabble tile necklace (she even made my favorite pattern again!), and a sweet note. Thank you so much Meream, and I hope you will come back to Manila again soon!
  • Shopping for stuff I need and stuff too cute to ignore :D
I got the shades from Tomato and the hat from YRYS. So pretty they became the models for my blog's banner :)
Seriously, how can you not love them shoes?  Original post here.
Also got a new weaved belt from YRYS, Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Angel Rose, Maybelline Minerals Liquid Foundation in W03, and elf Lip Primer and Plumper. I got the CreamSilk conditioner for free from the lovely SA at The Landmark :)
I'm a sucker for cute sleepwear! I got all these for only P59.50 each from Waltermart :) Not included in the photo is a new pair of denim cutoffs.
Cute statement tee from Whatever! in Robinsons Galleria :)
Lastly, I got this headband from e.g.g. in TriNoma last Monday. It's so pretty and I think I'll be using it everyday for the whole month of September XD 
August was such a fun month! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that September will be just as wonderful (if not more) for all of us. Enjoy September!

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