I will forever ♥ desserts

20 September 2010

... and shopping with friends.

Just a little note on how this week went: If you remember, I was whining last week about how no one wanted to see Despicable Me with me. This week I saw it, twice! One was last Wednesday with my gay friend Joner (who must have read my post and invited me to see it with him) and the other was the following day, Thursday, with Mich and Dane. I am a happy soul. And I want my own Minion ;D Thursday as well, I was invited by my friend Ed to an event by Century Tuna with my second-biggest local celebrity crush Gerald Anderson but my request for a half-day shift was not approved. My manager, TL Carlo, felt bad for me so he treated me to lunch. I have the most wonderful TL and teammates (except for two LOL). Ana was able to come, though, and her retelling of the event made me feel as if I was there as well. Next time Gerald, next time XD

Back to the original topic I wanted to blog about :)

Yesterday Mich and I met with Mae at TriNoma because she needed my help with her band's personal website. She bought her own domain from Google as well but there seemed to be a problem as she can't access the site. I looked at it, but too bad it is beyond my limited knowledge as (thankfully) I didn't encounter that problem when I bought my own domain. Sooo, I was not able to fix her site, but we did manage to do a lot of eating.

This was my Sunday:

It was Mae's first time to eat in Bigoli. We got Spaghetti Bolognese with Pepperoni Pizza, Italian Chicken with Italian Rice, Cream Dory with Italian Rice, and Cheese Overload Pizza. Mae also taught Mich how to edit photos using Adobe Lightroom 3 while I Facebook-ed using my phone Aristotle.
I also remembered this relatively new desserts-place that I read about from a blog so I suggested it to them since Mae wanted cakes. Mich and I already had Red Mango yogurt earlier in the day so cakes are a welcome treat.

Introducing a place I am certain I will go back to, Parvati.

A new favorite
My Triple-decker Chocolate Cheesecake
Mich's Oatmeal Cookies
Mae's Coffee Indulgence - Cappuccino Cheesecake
Us ladies savoring every bite
And us ladies being silly and cute XD
If ever you find yourself in TriNoma and craving for decadent cakes and pastries (and free coffee!), you should visit Parvati. It is located at the first level, beside Gourdo's and BreadTalk. Truly, dessert-heaven in every bite. Everything's so yummy I sweat chocolate and sugar until now ;D

I did mention something about shopping with friends...

A stolen snapshot of me, apparently deep in thought over which bag to choose XD
Why must Tomato sell lots of pretty little things? Why??!
I was choosing between the cream bag and the black bag.
The cream chainlink bag eventually won.
It's so prettyyy :)
Pearl headband with bow from e.g.g.
I first saw it last month when I was with my Sigaw Sisters. I chose the brown headband before, and I am so glad they still got stocks of this when I came back.
Aaand, this "heart-y" top from YRYS is perfect for when I watch Eat, Pray, Love with Ana.
The movie will finally(!) be shown in the Philippine soils on October 6.
Desserts + Shopping + Friends sprinkled with funny and (at times) tear-jerking stories = a fun and lovely afternoon. I am blessed.

Have a fab week ahead, everyone!

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