I succumbed.

28 August 2010

I've been bad. I know I said the other day that I would stay locked up in my private world with Peeta, but because I accompanied my good friend/ officemate Marsha to Medical City for her checkup, I had no choice but to go to the mall (since their clinics are inside malls).

You all know the pretty pair of shoes I saw last week and how badly I want it. I guess you now know what comes next.

It's now mine!
So pretty it has its own billboard :D

I saw and liked this pair months ago when it still cost more than P1,000. Saw this again today with the price slashed to P399. You bet I did not let this go anymore XD 

Also got a pair of denim shorts and cute sleepwear yesterday and then went semi-crazy at the cosmetics section of Landmark today. The last couple of days have been traumatizing for my wallet but I love it!

I've been feeling bad the last couple of days. Question to you guys, how do you deal with bullying in the workplace?

Tomorrow I go back to my Hunger Games-fandom. I will attend Mockingjay's launch party at the Robinson's Galleria. :)

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