Mockingjay Launch Party

30 August 2010

First of all I'd like to thank you for your comments in my previous post where I put a little postscript about an office bully. Let me assure you that it's not my new manager. If anything, he has been really supportive about the whole ordeal. Depending on how things turn out, I might tell you more about it in the next few posts.

Today I'll tell you about an event I attended yesterday with my good friend/ officemate Mich and her sister Jed. After work, we went straight to Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas for the Mockingjay Launch Party which was held at NBS Bestsellers.

Wore my black jumpsuit with the new belt I got the other day and my black wedges. The wedges gave up on me though (the strap on one shoe split) so I had to buy new slippers at the shoe section of the department store. :(
The program started at 1PM. Since we get off work at 2PM, we were not able to listen to the book discussion but we were still able to watch the games and avail of some Mockingjay-themed treats.

The post-apocalyptic country of Panem divided into the Capitol and the thirteen districts.
Look at all the people! It felt so surreal being in a room filled with fans of the series!
Chocolate cookie stamped with the Mockingjay :)
Drinks from the Haymitch bar. That's colored Sprite with lychee jelly. Yummy! :)
Look Ma! A Mockingjay tattoo! :D
I also met blogger Blooey! She writes really good book reviews :) I actually saw the invite for the event from her blog.
Jed, Mich and me holding my copies of the Hunger Games trilogy :)
Hhhhnnnggg I want my own bookstore!
Of course I had to have photo taken there :D
We also had our photo taken at the photobooth. I might be able to scan the photo later hee. Thank you Mich and Jed for coming with me!

I finished reading Mockingjay yesterday. Gosh, that series left me speechless. I'm still recovering from the range of emotions it made me feel, so I'll  publish a much more comprehensive review once I have more time in my hands. I have to get ready in a few minutes because I'll go to SM North EDSA where I'll meet my Seventeen Sigaw sisters Belle, Grace, and Kaiye. I met Belle months ago but it'll be my first time to meet Grace and Kaiye after about six years of online friendship! I'm on leave from work today and the next two days are my rest days and they will all be spent getting together with friends. :)

I can just feel that this week is going to be great. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

Team Peeta all the way!

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