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Gray hues.

Shopping for pretty clothes is a fun activity in itself, but getting them at dirt-cheap prices is even more fun! After Mai taught me last month how enjoyable (and affordable!) thrift-shopping can be, I swore I will try it again. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went thrift-shopping with my good friend and officemate Marsha at this ukay place a few blocks away from their house (where I am also staying in at the moment). I loved it because it's a big store with racks and racks of clothes that you are bound to see something you'll like. Plus the salesladies are nice and willing to give more discounts ;) Here are the stuff I got:

Gray knit cardigan
I actually saw it a week ago but I didn't bring my wallet then so I wasn't able to get it. Good thing it was still there when I came back!

Gray and white striped dress
It's a simple dress but I can dress it up by using a belt and some nice shoes :)

White cotton cardigan
So pretty in its simplicity, I can use it as a cover-up for most of my dresses.

Denim jumper skirt
This was recommended to me by Marsha. So cute and pretty and flirty! Brand new, too, as it still had a tag on. I will bring it on my trip to Singapore :)

Lace cardigan
This is probably my favorite from the lot. It looks so sweet and romantic and lacy and pretty ♥

Can you believe that everything cost me only P540 (approx 12USD)? Pretty finds without breaking the bank, oh yeah, I can definitely get used to this :D

I've noticed something about myself. Lately, I have been drawn to more muted colors. Like last month, I totally went into this nude-phase when everything I bought is in the shades of browns. And then, these clothes are all in the shades of gray. I also edited my blog banner and layout (yet again!) in these colors. What do you think btw? Did you like it? Is this just a phase or is this a sign that I am maturing? I think this is just a phase; I love bright colors too much to let them go. And besides, whoever said taste in color is a sign of maturity? Sorry for rambling and for being philosophical about gray colors LOL.

This is a lame post, sorry. I hope you're having a fabulous week! Better than I have, as I've been sick for the last two days x_x

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