Krissyfying you for two years now.

24 September 2010

Put your party hats on and do an awkward celebratory dance with me, because today is my blog's SECOND ANNIVERSARY! Oh yes, that's right, my blog has been sprinkling you with whimsy, pretty and crazy for two whole years already, and I hope you are loving every second of it ;)

I started this blog one lonely September day two years ago, hoping I'd be able to maintain it. You see, I have had about seven other blogs before, most notable of which is my Multiply journal. I was pretty happy with it, but then I figured out I wanted Blogspot's snazzy gadgets. I thought of a URL I can use, and krissyfied was born. On the first half of 2009 I went on a hiatus. I returned after four months, and everything went full throttle from there. I met lots of friends and shared many memories, and on August this year, I bought my own domain.

All I wanted was my own space in the world wide web where I can rant and rave and store precious memories in. What I didn't know is that blogging has turned out to be a very interactive and engaging community. Most of the people I met online have become my real-life friends; I know I can turn to you for just about anything, and you can expect that I will do the same for you. ♥

Thank you for sticking with me, for putting up with all my heartbreak woes and whining, for sharing with my joys and little victories, for never failing to put a smile on my face with your sweet comments, for sympathizing when I'm feeling under the weather, for cheering me on when I'm happy, for making me feel good about being myself, and most importantly, for sharing your worlds with me. Really, it has been a fantastic journey, you guys, and everything will just keep on getting better.

I am Krissy, and if you let me, I want to continue sharing my world with you.

First photo: e.g.g. in TriNoma: Photo taken and post-processed by myself
Second photo: My journal and Parker pen: Photo taken by Watcher Concepcion, post-processed by myself

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