Hello, Globe Postpaid!

21 August 2010

This is the busiest I have been in weeks and I am loving it! I even had the pleasure of meeting a blogfriend yesterday which I will tell you about in my next post :)

Last Thursday, Mich and I went to Globe so I can apply for a postpaid plan. I have been using Globe for about seven years now and I must say I am happy with the services and features they provide. I also used to have a Sun number but ever since my phones were stolen I haven't gotten the chance to get a secondary phone yet.

What I love about Globe's new postpaid plans is the chance to personalize your plan according to your mobile needs at anytime you want to. I mulled over it for quite a while now; I thought about how frequently I use my phone to call and text and the corresponding rates. I browsed the options available for My Super Plan and finally decided on My Super Unli (Call Mobile and Text-all-you-can) at a standard rate of P599 a month. There are other options available but I figured this is the best for me. The request was approved within minutes and I was able to get my new SIM on the same day. What I also like about it is that I did not get a free phone anymore so I do not have a lock-in period meaning I can cancel the service anytime.

It was not easy for me to let go of my old number, though. I was disappointed a bit because two different Globe advisors told me before that I can just upgrade my prepaid SIM to a postpaid one so that I will not have to change my number so you can just imagine my surprise when I was told otherwise. I have been using my number for three years now and was feeling sentimental because of one other reason :( But yeah, I guess we all have to move on.

Hello, monthly bills! :D
Goodbye +63917-???-3141. Starting tomorrow, my number will be +63917-???-5747 (KRIS). I tried to push for +63917-?-KRISSY but the number is not available.

Let's be textmates? :D

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