GLEEk Sneak: The GLEE Season 2 Exclusive Cinema Premiere

23 September 2010

Yesterday I was stuck at home playing online games minding my own business when I received an SMS offering me VIP tickets to the Cinema Premiere of Glee's Second Season at the Centerstage of SM Mall of Asia. It was from my friend and classmate from college Dewi, and it's for free! So really, who am I to say No? Our plans almost got ruined when it threatened to rain and my parents just advised me to stay home. I figured, why let life pass me by just because of the rain? Yeah I got all philosophical about Glee LOL. Anyway, armed with a determination to have a great time with my friends and New Directions, I braced myself for the two-hour commute to the biggest mall in the Philippines.

My ticket ♥
They served us Quesadillas Mexicana, Patatas Bravas, Fish Sticks, Vegetable Sticks, and Butter Macaroons.
Watching Glee on TV is awesome, but seeing it on the big screen is just freaking amazing! It was great to be in a big room (of 900-people capacity) filled with people who were as eager as me to see the show: laughing at all the funny lines (Brittany: She did not touch my boobs. Actually, I want to touch her boobs.), applauding the characters we root for (hello fellow Filipino Charice Pempengco as Sunshine Corazon!), and going awww at the awww-inducing moments (i.e. Tina dumping Artie for Mike). Aaaand, I love Puck, but Chord Overstreet as Sam just stole my heart! His rendition of Billionaire is just... WOW! But, from spoilers, he will be Kurt's boyfriend, so there. Why must all most hot guys be gay?

Ed also came! He is a much bigger fan than I am and it is always great to see him, so I am glad he was able to make it on time. :)

Other photos from the event:

GLEEks here yo!
Thank you Jack TV and etc!
Awww Mr. Schuester and Finn ♥
Awww Puck ♥
Photobooths are ALWAYS fun :)
SM Department Store was also selling some shirts and I really wanted to get the white one with GLEE all over but my Singapore trip is fast approaching so every peso must be saved x_x

The event ended at around 10PM. I had so much fun! And to think I almost missed it. Good thing my officemate Frank asked for a shiftswap last Monday so my rest days for the week became Wednesday and Thursday, or else I wouldn't have been able to go. Good deeds are ALWAYS rewarded :)

Ed and Dewi working it
Dewi and Ed working it on the escalator
And me working it as a mannequin XD
Thanks again Dewi and Ed for such a fabulous time! Can't wait for our next events!

Did you like Glee Season 2's first episode? Who is your favorite among the cast of Glee? Don't you think my bow belt is the prettiest belt you ever did see? ;D

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