September's Pretty Little Things

30 September 2010

For some reason, September felt like it went on forever! I don't know why, but for some reason, I wanted it to end already.

These are the things that made me appreciate this month:

Contributing to my friend Ana's monthly newsletter for her Anagon Collection
I did an article for her newsletter that tells about the stuff I thrift-shopped - online! Click here to read it, and click here to visit her shop!

Videoke with friends ~ Mich and her best friend Jonas
These two share the same closeness that my best guy friend Jerome and I have. Isn't it just amazing when two people from the opposite sex can be platonically in love and be super close friends without the pressure of a romantic relationship?

Bonding with my close girl friends Mich and Poly
Blogged in detail here, eating out in a new place and shopping with them was certainly one of my favorite memories of September 2010 ♥

Caveman & Yeti ChocoNilla with additional marshmallows and chocolate chips
I finally got the chance to try out this new dessert place in Manila called the Caveman & Yeti, which offers flavored shaved ice served with lots of yummy toppings to choose from! Delicioso! :)

Finally giving Ana the book I've been meaning to give her :)
Because really, John Peacock's Fashion Accessories (The Complete 20th Century Sourcebook) is made with her in mind. Don't you just love giving just-because presents to friends? :) Photo taken when we attended Crystal Jade's Media Lunch, blogged here.

Me, Jinna, Minnie, Recks
These girls made my college life so much more bearable.
Finally seeing my Sinister Sisters again ♥
They are my best friends from college. The last time us four were complete was three and a half years ago, when we returned our graduation toga to the university. I got the chance to see them individually but our schedules never did let us spend even one single afternoon and just gab away, like we did in our college years. What's just sad is that only a tragedy made us see each other again, when Minnie's dad passed away this month. RIP Tito Nelson.

Being treated to free lunch :)
TL Carlo, me, Mich, Dane
I was supposed to attend an event where I will get to meet, interview, and maybe hug my second-biggest celebrity crush Gerald Anderson, but my request for a half-day shift got declined. My manager, TL Carlo, felt bad for me so he treated me to free lunch that day. Not a bad trade off, I sincerely appreciate the thought behind it :)

Watching Despicable Me twice at the cinema!
I blogged about feeling bad because no one wanted to see this movie with me, and the Universe must have taken pity on me because I got to see it twice! One was with my gay friend Joner, and the other one was the day immediately after with Mich and Dane. Now, if you Universe would be so kind, I want my own Minion. Please? :)

Becoming a witness to a pinky promise LOL
Mich and Mae
Photo was taken when these ladies and I bonded over desserts, love dilemmas, and shopping. Blogged in detail here.

Survivor Nicaragua: La Flor vs Espada
How I Met Your Mother season 6
The Big Bang Theory season 4
September meant the return of my favorite shows! I don't think I will ever get tired of watching Survivor, Penny and Sheldon's banter in The Big Bang Theory is the funniest ever, and I swear, just hearing the opening theme of How I Met Your Mother made me soooo happy I teared up! Photos from Google Search. And of course...

Glee! I blogged about attending GLEE's second season premiere! The Britney/ Brittany episode of Glee is the best ever! Brittany (Heather Morris) is such an amazing dancer! Brittany saying her full name is Brittany S. Pearce? Hilarious! Fun fact: She didn't actually audition for a part in the cast. She went to the set to teach the actors the steps to Beyonce's Single Ladies, the producers liked her, and bam! She's in. Awesome, right? And their version of Toxic! What's not to love?? Also, I may have shed a tear (or two) at Rachel's version of The Only Exception.

And if you don't know already, I am Britney Spears' biggest fan. Never did I dislike her, even when she went through all those drama a couple of years ago. My old room (in our house that got burned down) was covered with her posters. I also kept an album with her photos and clippings. I was obsessed, I was even called Bryttel by my friends back in high school. Yes, you may say I'm corny and all, but I am a BFF = Britney Fan Forever (with squiggly hearts all over).

Celebrating my blog's second anniversary with frozen yogurt and a broken heart
Because there are some people who are better off as friends.

And then going back to the mall two days after for another serving of this yummy treat
Because some things are better talked about with a friend over a yummy treat. Thank you Mich for accompanying me (and my lonely heart)! Photo taken the day I found my perfect pair of jeans, blogged here.

new blog banner
I also edited my blog's look (yet again). What do you think? Did you like it? Let me know! ;D

It is the last day of the month. I am also opening a new bank account. It's like I caught a financial responsibility bug; suddenly I became concerned about my finances. I also figured it'd be much easier to have an account where I can just transfer the funds for bill payment from. Surely beats going to the malls just to pay the bills. Besides, I work for a bank, I should practice what I preach ;)

Well, come to think of it, maybe September wasn't so bad after all.

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