A Piece of Me... in September 2010

09 September 2010

This post is so late! I recognize this should have been posted on the first Sunday of the month but the days seemed to fly and I didn't realize the date =/ Also, I didn't see anyone else posting their entries for this month's A Piece of Me so it totally slipped my mind. The Toothfairy might have deleted her blog already (sad face), but I still wish to continue this for the rest of the year.


This month...

I like that I will be meeting two Jessicas! My blogfriend Jess and I have scheduled to finally meet on the 24th! We'll eat at my favorite restaurant, bond over dessert, and swap lots of stories! Also, we'll take lots of photos for you guys (especially you Kym and Nikolett ;)) Just don't expect us to do a video, though! Jess and I have already talked about it and neither of us wants to do it :D Our next plan will be to hit a spa, but that will happen after my Singapore trip I guess. :)

I did mention two Jessicas... My friend Ed invited me to another event on Friday that involves food and blogging :) He invited me to a food-tasting event! I am quite hesitant to go since I am not very good at blogging about (since my descriptive words when it comes to food are limited to the basic tastes LOL) and taking photos of (since I only have a point-and-shoot camera and all) food, but since this is a new experience then I am all up for it! And guess what guess what guess what?? I am going to meet my favorite local author, Jessica Zafra, there! I am a little scared to approach her though. Let's see what happens. I am also excited to go because I'll be with my soul sister Ana! Mai will also check if she can come :)

I don't like that there is less than two months to go before our Singapore trip but I haven't saved enough pocket money yet! Eep! I need you saving buddy! ;D

I want you to know that I am obsessed with chandeliers! I mean, how can you not be when they are so pretty?

Banapple's chandelier
Photo taken and processed by myself
Cinderella, TriNoma's chandelier
Photo taken and processed by myself
My favorite: a chandelier in a store in Tiendesitas
Photo taken and processed by myself

The third photo is so pretty I made it the focal point of my blog's new theme. Did you like it? :)

I've planned to just ignore all the negative vibes negative people have been throwing me. I've got more friends than foes and my spirit is much stronger than they give me credit for. Yes, I am a crybaby but I am not a sissy. I stand up for what I believe in and I am strong enough to fight, but I do recognize that there are some people who are too stubborn it would just be a waste of time (and energy!) to try to argue.

I want to say to someone special, to my little Tiara, just know that we are always here for you. If ever you need to talk, I am just a tweet away! We can also chat hee. Aaaand I hope you can go to Singapore on the days I'll be there so we can meet ;)

This is a game thought up by the Toothfairy so we can all share a bit of ourselves to our readers by completing a set of unfinished sentences every first Sunday of the month.

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