Slice, gouge, and carve

01 September 2013

Instead of going to TriNoma for a haircut, I ended up staying at home the whole day yesterday. Aside from getting the rest I needed, I also got to scratch the itch to make new stamps 。◕‿◕。 I have built quite a humble rubber stamp collection already and I think the most logical next step is to want to create my own.

I used the new carving tools I got from Create by truelovefound. I am so happy I finally got to apply the things I learned from the Stamptabulous workshop I attended in CraftMNL back in March!

Disclaimer: I suck at drawing. Aside from singing and moving gracefully, it is a skill I never learned. Please don't laugh at my amateur drawings.

First, I sketched a few ideas on paper. You can see a Batman logo there, an umbrella, a mochi with a face, and a cupcake there. I decided to work with the cupcake. After tracing it on a piece of tracing paper, I transferred the design to the rubber eraser.

And then it was time to slice, gouge, and carve!

I am a little sad because I didn't think the final product looks like a cupcake (╯︵╰,)
But I'd like to thank my online friends for saying otherwise! 
I used it together with my loopy handwriting and polka dot stamps to make a birthday shout-out for my friend Nikolett ♥(οΎ‰´∀`)
Feeling pretty inspired after, I then made a mini tribute to my fictional character counterpart - Ted Mosby.

I am both happy and sad that How I Met Your Mother is on its last season. I want to continue watching them forever, yet I am happy for Ted.
While watching me work on these stamps, my sister joined in on the fun and made this stamp of a poop with a face.

I don't understand why this poop had to have eyebags and eyelashes. Well, come to think of it I don't even know why it had to have a face.
These are all very amateur-ish so I am hoping to get a lot better after a few more tries. Wish me luck! ♥

After using my carving tools, I keep them and all my other stamps and carving essentials in an old Human Nature cardboard box.

Some of my stamps: alphabet letters, fairies, different patterns, and the stamps I made yesterday and during the Stamptabulous workshop; ink pads and ink pens; Speedball Lino Cutter and blades; and lots of rubber erasers to work with.
Cutting mat, tracing pad, pencil, and Dong-A Hexaplus color pens
No carving for me today though as my plans to get that haircut is finally pushing through. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend, too!


  1. Oh so cute! I wanted to do my own stamps before but I don't know where to get the materials before. Hehe.

    You inspire me with your DIY projects :)

  2. the girl in stilettoSeptember 3, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    krissy kreme! I miss you. urgh I need a haircut too.


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