{Blog Tour} All's Fair in Blog and War

04 September 2013

After my first foray into the wonderful world of blog tours, I realized I enjoy participating in it. I love sharing my thoughts about books I've read and forcing my friends to read them, too you see, and being able to do that while showcasing and promoting books by independent Filipino authors and discovering new blogs to add to my to read-list make joining even more fun so I signed up immediately when Dia of Book Junkie Blog Tours asked for volunteers. This time, for the All Fair in Blog and War + Well Played blog tour, I decided to review the former. Click here to check out the different stops of this tour!

All's Fair in Blog and War
by Chrissie Peria
Published June 2013
Five Cuevas @5travelsThree guesses to where I'm going next. Starts with an M. Ends with a U. Has a lechon named after it. #travel
Twenty-something travel blogger Five thinks she has hit the jackpot when she gets invited to glittering Macau for an all-expense-paid bloggers tour. Think majestic old churches, sparkling casinos, exhilarating bungee jumps, and the world's most unforgettable egg tarts. The trip is practically perfect, except for one little glitch. She gets assigned to be travel buddies with Jesse, the world's most infuriating photo blogger, and it's definitely war at first sight.

Will Five let Jesse turn her dream vacation into a total nightmare? Or will falling in love be on the itinerary?

Like most chick-lit stories go, Five and Jesse's love story did not begin on a positive note. It was more like hate-at-first sight on Five's part that started with an elevator button heh. Unlike other chick-lit stories though, our protagonist is independent and doesn't take any crap from anyone else. I like that she is able to stand up for herself yet is also quick to bow down when she knows she's in the wrong.

This book is part romance-part travelogue. I haven't been to Macau yet and the book doesn't have any photos in it but the author's descriptions - through Five's point of view - of the places they visited were so vivid that they made me feel like I was also in this bloggers' trip with them - taking photos, tasting local delicacies, and laughing along.

Aside from Jesse's character, I think my favorite part of this chick-lit novella is its language. I especially liked that the chapters were written like hashtags, and they're funny, too! Cases in point: Chapter 2 is #HowDoYouWakeUpOnTheWrongSideOfTheBedIfYouHaven'tSleptYet while Chapter 11 is #InsertBrokenHeartedPlaylistHere. I love it. I'm sure the selfie generation would also be able to relate easily with the dialogue. It's a quick read; at less than 200 pages, it tells us everything we want and need to know about Jesse and Five, and I have to say they are perfect for one another. MFEO, literally.

I think it's also cute that the All's Fair in Blog and War experience doesn't end when you finish the book as Five and Jesse are both on Twitter and you can interact with them for real!

I may be biased here because the author used one of my favorite media of self-expression: blogs. But really, you should get your own copy as it's a great pick-me-upper. :)

About the Author
Chrissie’s first trip to Macau was in the summer of 2010. Like her main character, she fell in love there. Unlike her main character, she didn’t fall in love with a guy; she fell in love with egg tarts. An advertising copywriter in her past life, she now spends most of her time writing, taking photos, cooking and babysitting. She tweets about food and writerly things here and here. For thoughts longer than 140 characters, she blogs here. She still plays with dolls and she thinks that bacon is the answer.

This is her first novella.


  1. This sounds really interesting! Not a huge fan of chic lits, but I think this one is a keeper (I think I'm getting a little biased tho, because BLOGS). Hehe. :) Dropping by!


  2. Exactly!

    Thanks for visiting! Will visit your blog, too! :)

  3. aw cute! I rarely chiclit too, tho, but this one looks cute, I mean... well it got me sold on the main character being a blogger, and also the travelling part, plus the romance, kyahhh...~


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