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I love stamps and I cannot lie.

After showing a facet (I love that word) of my personality to you guys yesterday (you know, the music video-loving girl), here I am again revealing yet another side of my dorky self.

I love rubber stamps! Maybe it's just me, but I just love how they give an air of whimsy to almost anything. Plus, they show effort; they lend a more personal touch to my letters and notes without subjecting the reader to my scratchy penmanship. Also, they're a great solution to my dream of having my own typewriter again after I lost my old fancy one to a big fire. Typewriters are heavy, bulky, and expensive, so my alphabet rubber stamp sets are great substitutes!

Here's my humble collection:





I spent a lot of hours trawling etsy and other online shops for more stamps I can add to my collection. But then, as much as I want to keep buying them every time payday comes around, I know I can't because I do have other things I need to set aside money for like books and clothes and shoes. It is good and comforting to know that as with other things in life, there is a magic solution for this: DIY! I will attend a short workshop this coming Saturday where I will learn to make my own rubber stamps! Yay! Well, the workshop is actually about tie-dyeing and stamp-making and we'll also make our own scarf designs, but I'm mostly excited for the stamp-making part heehee. I'm also quite nervous because I'm not really good in drawing, but I guess I'll just have to wing it. We will be provided our own materials for the projects we will make, but just the same I have already scoured different online shops where I can source other carving tools I might need in the future when I'm already a big stamp-maker extraordinaire. LOL how sweet it is to dream. 

But really guys, I'm just excited to attend another workshop/ class again because I love learning new things. Oh man I am such a big nerd. Oh well.


nix said…
how about customized stamps? :)
Rick said…
Very cool! Was I supposed to hear Sir Mix-a-lot in my head when I read the title??? :)
April Garcia said…
Wow, nice collection. I'm just starting my own. I have an alphabet stamp that looks like yours. :)
krissy said…
Yes, we will make our own stamps on the workshop this Saturday! :)

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