Sights, sounds, and sweets from Manila Sundance Bazaar

07 September 2013

I just got home from a fun afternoon of shopping at the Manila Sundance Bazaar at Metrotent in Ortigas with Rica and her fiancé‎ Eric and I am so happy with my loot! My wallet will need some time to recuperate but it's okay, no regrets.


It's the last day tomorrow and the admission fee is only P50 so I highly encourage you to go! If I can't convince you, I'm sure the following photos will.

Rica and me with Marika, Manila Sundance Bazaar's Creative Head. She also made the MSB poster of us featured bloggers! View mine here. Behind us is Nudo Swimwear's booth. Buy One Take One on all swimsuits!
I liked this top from Butternut Fashion Boutique. I now regret not getting it, tsk.
Biggest letdown of the day: the black Sabrina I wanted from Tutum Shop is not available in my size anymore. :(
I was eyeing the Hello Kitty satchel on top and the floral bag at the bottom but I got two new bags just a couple of weeks ago, so, no. Self-control, y'all.
We also looked around the many different shops offering floral wreaths in preparation for Rica's bohemian-themed wedding in October. Exciting times ahead!
She went a bit wild for these accessories from Zafeera Boutique, LOL.
I regret forgetting to go back for this ring as it looked perfect on my finger!
I got over the disappointment soon enough after a visit at Strings Manila...

because I got the Batman top I swore I'd get when I first saw it on my Instagram feed!!!
With String Manila's owner, Paulina
I also made sure to get one of these pretty ear pins from Arajera
Spotted my blogger friends Aisa and Tin
... and Niche ♥
Thanks for coming with me, Rica and Eric! I really enjoyed this day! Would you guys like to see my loot?

I get a different kind of high from scoring pretty fashion finds at bargain prices ♥
This nautical high-waist swimsuit is a gift from Nudo Swimwear. I can't wait to wear it!
How do you like the blue and white prints of this collared dress? I'm excited to wear it with my red wedges! Follow Butternut Fashion Boutique on Instagram for more.
I love the knot detail of this top. Not really a The Simpsons fan but my friend Ed is. I am going to wear it when we finally push through with our catch-up lunch hee. I got it from Hey Jaimie Girl for only P200!
My favorite find: my Batman top I got from Strings Manila for P450.
My *sweetest* dress to date ♥
My dessert-filled dress I got from Maru for P500.
My Sun, Moon, and Star ear pins from Arajera. I am so happy I finally have one of these! Ara is selling them for P600 per pair but I got it for only P500 because Rica got a lot of stuff from her store.
A gray polka dot bustier dress I got for P450 from Bermuda Fashion. I was deciding between this and a camo skater skirt but I figured I am not really into trendy pieces and that I will get more wear out of this. :)
A pair of baby pink pointed flats from I am Shoe. This is not mine; it belongs to my friend Niel who gave me money so I can pick something up from the bazaar for her.
I regret not going back for some pieces I liked, but I guess I would just visit their shops online. The -ber season is already here so you might want to drop by for an early head start on gifts for your family and friends. Several online stores have also started their Christmas campaigns already! (Do you feel the chill in the air I feel? Christmas is near!) Visit Zalora's Online Christmas Rush Bazaar by clicking this link to get awesome gift ideas. (^_-)☆

So, are you convinced yet? The Manila Sundance Bazaar in Metrotent, Ortigas will be open until tomorrow, 11 AM to 10 PM. Go and visit, I'm sure you won't leave empty-handed!


  1. Love your sweet themed dress ahhh!! :) sayang i didn't see you!!

  2. Nice seeing you yesterday Krissy!!! :) Bongga ng shopping mo :D

  3. didn't know about this bazaar.. i just learned it from ava's post earlier!!! shucks, early xmas shopping sana lols! :P anyway, i love your finds! sweetest dress indeed ;)

  4. We left around 3PM, sayang nga I didn't see you :/ Next time, next time. And thanks! Can't wait to wear it! :D

  5. Great seeing you, too! Haha shoppingera :D

  6. Oww, too bad, there were a lot of great finds! And thanks! I don't know pa when I'm going to wear it. ^_^


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