Crazy cravings

29 September 2013

My body's sore from yesterday's intense cardio and boxing session and I seriously don't know how I'll get up from bed tomorrow, let alone go to work, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I spent the whole day alternating between watching movies and How I Met Your Mother's fifth season and transferring files from my netbook to my new office computer. Robyn has started conking out on me and I need to make sure all my personal and work files are securely backed up before I bring her to the Samsung Service Center.

I also took advantage of the last day of Zalora's 3-Day Sale and got myself these Veronicas from Vida for Rica's wedding. It will go so well with my bridesmaid dress and it's so Krissyfied! Two birds in one stone - score!

And since I was bedridden almost the whole day, it got me thinking of all the other things I want to spend my money on. Sigh, I seriously need to exercise more to prevent days like this in the future. Guys and gals, I present to you my newest [edible and non-edible] cravings:

Renewal of my Yoga+ membership. I need to get back on the mat ASAP! I find that practicing yoga has lessened my craving for unhealthy foods tremendously and improved my well-being in general. I promise to go back before Christmas.

These Leona Sandals from Gold Dot. I can't decide between the blue or cream one yet but I am really crushing on this style right now. If I didn't get a pair of bridesmaid shoes, this would've made my shopping list for the month.

Whimsical, dainty pieces from Le Caprice. One of my favorite style bloggers, pretty girl, and all-around nice person Bestie has reopened her shop and I couldn't be happier for her! Please don't buy the pieces I want, huhu. Anyhoo, Bestie is also holding a giveaway for Le Caprice's first customers! Check out the mechanics in her blog here.

Sinfully sweet and devilishly delectable goodies from 1017 cupCAkes. Aside from my sore body, I am also feeling hormonal right now and seeing these photos of cupcakes, cakes, and cookies made by my friend Barbie isn't helping!

Goodies from The Body Shop. Few more weeks left until Christmas! Save yourself from holiday stress and avoid the hassle of last minute shopping by taking advantage of The Body Shop's nationwide pre-holiday sale that started last September 27. I've featured The Body Shop several times in my blog now and you know it's one of my favorite personal care brands *hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge* ;)

Ombre lips. I never thought I would need to learn how to do ombre lips, but the moment I saw that photo it's all I could think about! Learn how to do that makeup technique and many other different things when you sign up to Glamourbox's Advanced Makeup Workshop with Au Mauricio. Check out Glamourbox's Facebook page for more details.

My highschool barkada. We haven't had a proper get-together ever since Dianne left the country and it's so sad how everyone's so busy with other things these days. I only get to see Niel because we carpool together to work every day, but for the rest, we don't even know if they still remember we exist. (╯︵╰,)

And that ends my list for now! Back to my cave where I hope I can be nurtured back to my 100% for tomorrow's workday. But yeah, Alvin is right: it hurts but it's the I'm-glad-I-did-it kind of hurt. It'll be another busy day because of all the month-end reports I have to finish so wish me luck!

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