Nomophobia? No problem!

20 September 2013

These days, being connected has already become a necessity. We rely on our gadgets to listen to music, surf the Internet, update our Twitter followers and Facebook friends as to what we're up to, take photos, and sometimes, even in the most menial of chores like taking note of things to include in the weekly grocery run. We rely on our smartphones for almost everything we need on a daily basis that losing battery juice in the middle of something important can be a nightmare to most people - my friend/ officemate Gerick is living proof. I myself use at least four different kinds of handheld devices every day and I always see to it that I have at least 50% power in them all the time.

My work can get really demanding at times and it is essential that I have my phones with me in case a client or my boss calls. If in case I lose battery juice, though, I wouldn't have to worry because now I have JuiceBoxx. Lost in the middle of nowhere with no one to ask directions from except Google Maps? Very important phone call that can make or break a career/ relationship? Emergency? Or just plain ol' bored? JuiceBoxx said they've got me covered.

JuiceBoxx is a revolutionary portable power bank from Canada that promises up to three times as much charging power as a traditional unit. It gives 4,000 mAh of power, giving your devices 200 additional hours of usage.
It is compatible with many devices such as Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and other cellphone units. It can also be used to charge tablets, iPods, digital cameras, and portable DVD players. 
It comes in two variants: regular and solar. I got a solar unit in white while my friend Mike got one in black.

The set contains the unit, outputs, and a user manual.

I love how its solar panels can recharge it even without plugging it in! How very clever!

The green LED indicators signify when a gadget is being charged.
JuiceBoxx was launched in an intimate event in M Cafe earlier today. DJ Tony Toni and Luis Manzano were both really good interviewees and shared a lot of fun social media anecdotes with the press.

I'm not really a fan of local show biz  but I just had to have a photo with Luis. ^_^
I attended the event with my travel/ breakfast buddy Mike. He works for AXN and I figured the event would be an excellent venue to practice our networking skillz.
JuiceBoxx is now available in over 85 branches of S 'n R and Puregold for a special introductory price of P999 for the regular unit and P1,999 for the solar unit. This really couldn't have come at a better time! I suggest you get yours now. This would make a perfect gift for your friends, too. Just between you and me, they said they'll come up with more colors for both the regular and solar units. ;)

Nomophobia = an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia", it's irrational fear of being out of mobile phone contact.


  1. Wow, up to 200 additional hours of usage? I need one of these b/c i run out of batt on the go all the time!!! Will have to pick up one when we're there :)

  2. NIce! Will check this out at Puregold. :)

    There are cheaper kinds in the market but we're not sure if its safe to use, most of them are Made from China. As mentioned in the news, most of these powerbanks are not monitored and checked after importation.

    We have to be careful in choosing what product to buy, and it is highly recommended that we buy it from authorized resellers/retailers.

  3. Exactly! I agree with everything you said. :)


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