The beginning of the end for Ted and me.

23 September 2013

Sooo... This is it guys. It's happening. In a few hours, the first episode of the last season of How I Met Your Mother - my favorite TV show in all the world - will be shown, and then I would have to start saying goodbye to Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney. As with other imminent sadness, I don't think I'm ready yet. I don't think I'll ever be ready. But yes, as with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. Better to leave on a high note than do a Sex and the City 2, right? 

The Mother was finally revealed to us in the last episode of Season 8. Like a lot of people, I was baffled by how she resembled Lily. After reading her interviews, I warmed up to her and saw what the producers might have seen during her audition. Also, Ted loves her, so she must be amazing.

I almost never wanted to meet her, but Ted deserves to be happy.
Now I see this and I think: perfect ♥ I love them already.
I've followed a lot of TV shows, I've watched a lot of movies, and I've read a helluva lot of books, but no other fictional characters have struck a chord in me as the MacLaren's gang has. They're funny, clever, good-natured, complement one another so well, and they look out for each and everyone. I've also declared multiple times about how I feel I am a female Ted Mosby. Plus, being the complete and utter dork that I am, I get a kick out of the show's non-linear way of story-telling. I am always amazed by stories and shared experiences, and so to have a TV show that features those week after week makes me want to shout out a huge thank you(!!!) to the universe. One of the show's fans (as told by Ted/ Josh Radnor during this year's Comic Con) said it best: the concept of the show forces him to strive to make his life better because this is it, this is his life, and someday when he's old these will be the stories he will tell so he'd have to make the most out of it.

The blue French horn, the ducky tie, the red cowboy boots, and (of course) the yellow umbrella. I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss these things.

"An affirmation of hopefulness and optimism... A valentine to things like friendship and love." No sweeter words from the creators could have been spoken. Thank you, Carter and Craig.

I think I need someone to hold my hand while watching.

*Photos from the HIMYM feature in the Sept. 6, 2013 issue of Entertainment Weekly.


  1. It breaks my heart that I haven't had the chance to watch HIMYM lately or the second to the last season. :(( Huhu. But now I see who the mother is and it tortures me not to watch all the more! hahaha :))

  2. This is bittersweet. Like loosing a roommate to her future husband. You don't want to lose them but you have to let them go so they can be happy.

  3. i'll definitely follow the final season. i'm curious to see how the mother (we have to get a name! hehe.) will blend into the gang. ted finally gets to meet his special someone.

  4. After watching the first episode of the new season, I gotta say I really like the mother. But did anyone else find it crazy that we still! don't! know! her! name!

  5. Or breaking up with a long-term partner </3

  6. I really like her, too! Her chemistry with Ted and Lily is just off the charts! I wonder what her name is, I'm so excited to find out!

  7. aaw it sucks when your favorite show is ending but its better to end it while its still good than just draw it out for profit :)

  8. I know how you feel...I bawled my eyes out when my fave show The Office ended after 9 seasons! 'Twas bad. It's so surreal how attached we get to characters. We always start watching shows not realizing that they'll form part of our lives and when it ends we're just left like, "So what now?" Glad your favourite show gets to end on a high, instead of dragging along until viewers want it over with. :)

    (In your first line, did you mean LAST episode or really it's the first episode of the last season? Don't need any full-season recaps before airing the final episode!)

  9. " It's so surreal how attached we get to characters. We always start watching shows not realizing that they'll form part of our lives and when it ends we're just left like, "So what now?"" << EXACTLY.

    This is an old post written before the first episode of the last season airs! The final episode airs Monday night in the US, Tuesday morning here. After that, no more new episodes of How I Met Your Mother forever. :(

    By the way, did you mean the US or UK version of The Office? I just downloaded all nine seasons of the US version to help me get over my HIMYM grief!


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