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31 August 2013

Wow, it feels like forever since I last posted here. My yoga practice took up a big part of my week; I attended classes every day and already I feel like it has affected my lifestyle a lot, in a good way. I have taken a more relaxed stance in life, I don't get food cravings as much as I used to, and I reach for my water bottle to hydrate more often. But then because of the scarcity of vans to Navotas I get home a lot later than usual so instead of writing here about how my latest practice went, I just follow what my body wants me to do: sleep.

Now, to catch up, I figured I would do a haul post because I haven't done one in a while and I missed doing it. I think haul posts are fun because showing what one spends his/ her money on can tell you a great deal about his/ her personality, yes? Or in my case, I think it just shows that I love shopping. Also, I think I've lost my blogging mojo so this is a good way to get on my blogging stride back again.

Here's a collective haul and gift post from the past week.

My Yoga+ membership card
I feel so legit.
After trying yoga for the first time, I got hooked and decided to enroll for more classes. I got this card by paying P1,000 for an unlimited-for-one-week membership. It ended last Thursday, and now I want to enlist for the unlimited-for-one-month membership that costs P3,000 but I am still waiting for my monies from my sideline job. I hope it arrives soon heh.

My Watsons haul that consisted mostly of girly things and dental care products
I spent more than an hour wandering the aisles of Watsons in SM North EDSA - The Block. I swear I feel like being lost in a time warp whenever I enter Watsons branches and bookstores - I could stay there forever! I am so proud because I only got P1.00 over my P2,000 shopping limit!

A closer look at my new makeup products from BYS. I got the Matte Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige (P679), Compact Powder in Dark (P249), and the Diamond Shadow palette (P399)
The main things I wanted to buy are a new liquid foundation and a new pressed powder. It was originally a choice between the L'Oreal Lucent Magique and the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse but the L'Oreal SA wasn't helpful at all. Meanwhile, a more accommodating SA swatched both the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse and BYS Matte Liquid Foundation on the back of my hand and my jawline and I liked the feel of the latter more so it ended up going home with me. Also, not minding the cheap-looking and flimsy packaging, I liked the Compact Powder and Shadow palettes as well. It was my first time to try BYS products so they're a great revelation to me - inexpensive yet gives a lot of bang for my buck.

Bags for my officemate/ friend Rica and me
Two for P750 from Impulse Co!
The dark green bag is Rica's while I got the yellow bucket bag.
I am such a big lurker in Impulse Co's Facebook page because Reesh's bag designs are all so pretty! When she held a Buy One-Get One for P750 promo, I jumped at the chance and got Rica to buy a bag, too (∩_∩) I know I have way too many bags already but this yellow bucket bag is such a happy color and after all the gloom the most recent typhoon brought, I could use a little more sunshine.

(Wedges from The Little Things She Needs)
Technically not a part of this week's hauls and gifts since I got them two weeks ago, but I just really love the color and stripey details of this pair! Comfy and easy on the feet, too!

Reesh was also kind enough to give me a sample of her newest bag design for free: Gram in dark blue!

I LOVE its nautical feel.
Gram also comes in light blue, fuchsia, purple, yellow, and dark green.
Visit Impulse Co to check them out.
They arrived last Tuesday and, well, receiving Gram amused me endlessly because it unintentionally yet perfectly matched my outfit that day!

Black and white stripes matching my top? Check. Dark blue matching my pants? Check. Brown straps matching the brown details in my boat shoes? Check.
Gram in dark blue and I are MFEO. 
My own set of carving essentials from Create by truelovefound
The Beginners Premium Set contains one colored Speedball Lino Cutter (I chose yellow!) with five blade-set, six pieces 1.75"x3.5" rubber erasers, one 6"x6" Blick Readycut, one A5 size carving mat, one handy tracing pad, one piece Color Kiss ink pad, and step-by-step instructions for only P1,285. I also ordered a set of four Color Kiss ink pads for P100 and a Speedball Cutter no.4 Square Gouge separately. If you remember, I took a stamp-making workshop in CraftMNL months ago. I found Create by TLF through Meream (who has an amazing #dailystamp project in her Instagram, check it out!); I can't believe it took me this long to buy my own set of carving tools but I am so glad I finally did it! I hope it won't take me x number of months again before I carve a decent stamp. I tried to carve a stamp showing a pumpkin with a face the other night but failed miserably haha.

Leopard print long strapped watch from Time Republic
This is a gift from Caycee, one of the sweetest and nicest girls I met in Bloggers United. She sells cutesy wristwatches and other accessories online, and they're all very reasonably priced! Exhibit A, this watch costs P170 only. Visit Time Republic now, I'm sure you'll see something you like. 。◕‿◕。

This Boo trinket was from a gachapon given to me by Ava because she knows how much I love Monsters, Inc. Thanks, Ava! o (◡‿◡✿)

Choco Cookie Butter from Gonuts Donuts
This is one of the many goodies our friends from the press and blogging community took home from the launch of SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest held yesterday. I can't wait to try it!

Garfield sparkly top with cut-outs from SM Kids' Fashion (P549.75)
Amidst all the mascots, food, and fun activities in Megatrade Hall 2 yesterday for the said Toon Fest launch, I managed to do a bit of shopping myself. This particular top was sported by both Gabbie and Nikola in the Toon Fest campaign and I liked it so much so I was thrilled I got one in my my sister's size because I will share this her! Maybe. The Toon Fest will be open in Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall until tomorrow so make sure to visit with your kids, siblings, nieces, and nephews! There are a LOT of fun activities (and shopping!) in store for everyone as evidenced in my Instagram posts here, here, here, and here. You can also check out Sarah's, Jackie's, and Tin's Instagram posts from yesterday for a peek!

And that's it. Whew!

Today I woke up wanting to go to TriNoma and have my hair cut at FIX but now I'm already feeling too lazy to move and leave the house so, I don't know, maybe I'll just stay here and catch up on my reading or carve a stamp or two and then opt to have my hair cut tomorrow. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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