Jab! Straight! Jab! Straight!

28 September 2013

Because it's not enough for my friends to kick my ass in badminton, they had to kick my ass in boxing, too. Today - and I still don't know what got into me, all I know is that Mike offered to pay for my first session - I agreed to go boxing with my friends Mike, Ralph, and Sheila. 

I thought I was just going to punch things! Nobody said anything about undergoing circuit training! We jogged, mountain climbed, jumped ropes, and did lots of other tiring stuff that I thought I was going to pass out. I asked to be excused when we were already stretching as I felt like I was going to puke, and I remember cursing after realizing the comfort room is too far from the exercise area LOL.

Oh the things I let my friends make me go through.

But hey, pink gloves! ♥
And yeah, even with all my apprehensions, I gotta admit it was fun. Every jab and straight punch released my stress and got my heart pumping in a very good way - it was the most alive I felt all week! And of course, everything becomes more fun when you do it with friends. d=(´▽`)=b 

Today was another proof that I reeeally need to be mindful of my body. I am 97lbs of fluff! The last intense cardio I've done was over a month ago and my yoga membership has already expired as well. I need to get myself a yoga mat so I can practice even at home. 

After that extreme workout, it was time to feast on Japanese food! Hee we ate at Karate Kid.

The next thing you know, these guys will ask me to go bungee jumping with them. Yikes. Bungee jumping looks fun, though...

Next time, we are taking the boys to practice yoga with us and we won't take no for an answer! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room watching movies or marathon-ing How I Met Your Mother Season 5. Or sleeping. Yeah, probably sleeping. Ktnxbai.


  1. Wow! Your first boxing session! Your legs and shoulders (perhaps even your arms and abs) will be sore for days! :D


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