Too busy right meow.

19 September 2013

Yesterday was a big feat for ARC Public Relations, Inc. We launched the two new endorsers of Watsons Switch and Save - Iya Villania and Mikael Daez - at a big press event in Aracama in Fort, and I am super glad and mightily proud that even with the time constraint and multiple other challenges, we survived it! The best thing about it? As per the big bosses of Watsons, we did a great job!

I've written before that even though it looks like it, a career in PR is not all glitz and glam. It takes a helluva lot of hard work, coordination, and team effort to make sure everything runs smoothly and hitches are lessened, if not completely eradicated. I'm just happy that I feel very secure in my current career and despite the many things I need to do and the level of stress that accompanies it, I am still able to manage. See, I am still able to post here two to three times a week. Friendly reminder to please check on me if I don't publish anything in two weeks, though. ;)

For my outfit, I wanted something fun and youthful but not too casual. I wore my new dress that I've been saving up for a special occasion and one of the sneakers I got last Monday.

Dress - Pinkaholic | Lime green sneakers - Bree

I liked the contrast of the sneakers (doesn't it remind you of a Stabilo highlighter? Heehee) with the gray dress. Meanwhile...

I used glittery purple and a hint of green on my shadows and my Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze on my lips.

What do you think?

Also, I'm glad the DIY hair dye I used three months ago still looks great. Good job, Lolane!
Here are some photos with my lovely officemates. ♥ Aside from helping put the event together, we also assisted with the press kits and gifts. Bringing 80 heavy goodie bags from the 9th floor down to basement parking (in a dress, no less!) is no joke, I tell ya.

I manned the registration area with Far while Rica made sure the program, spiels, and segments are queued correctly.

Great job, us! On to the next one!

BRB bracing myself for more events and reports.

BIG thanks to Luther Abcede for the photos!

PS: We have opened slots for internships. If you're a college student who needs to do OJT for school credits and you want to experience working in a PR firm, you may email your résumé and cover letter to info[at]arcarpopr[dot]com. Thank you!


  1. Love that dress on you! so cute! :D

    Mish @

  2. OMG!!! I want your kitty dreeeeeess!!!! Lookin' good Ms. Krissy! Sexaaay ;)

  3. Congrats on your event! PR is a really challenging career, you always have to be on your toes and make sure everything's the way they are, and when they don't go smoothly you have to think fast, kudos to you guys, I would go insane! Haha!

    Stabilo or no Stabilo, I absolutely love those sneakers! Really love the dress too, comfy but stylish! :D

  4. Looking great Ms.Krissy! :)




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