Prim, proper, and ...

22 September 2013

Yesterday was a night of firsts: first time to eat in Balboa in Shangri-La, first time to see my first bridesmaid dress (it's beautiful!), first time to go to Lancaster Hotel in Shaw Boulevard, first time to meet some of my friend/ officemate Rica's other friends who are also part of her wedding entourage, and first time to attend a bridal shower. Yes, you read that right. Except for Neil, none of my closest friends have gotten married yet (although a couple have eloped) so we haven't had the need to throw a bridal shower for anyone.

In the days leading up to it, some people had to back out because of other commitments. (I almost backed out as well because of a family thing but thankfully I was able to push it back to this morning instead.) Rica's best friends Kristel and Nikki organized everything with the rest of Rica's entourage and we're so happy with how it all turned out.

The theme of the bridal shower? Prim, proper, and private parts. (Umm, I had to use a euphemism for the last p-word as is for general patronage LOL). We were asked to come in our high tea-outfits so I wore my dessert dress.

Wine and vodka in tea pots and tea cups, finger sandwiches, Danish cookies, flowers, doily, and naughty fondant toppers on cupcakes. Very classy.
My favorite: The Boy Who Lived
Jomel is a very skilled baker and cake decorator! Check out his Instagram and ooh and aah over his creations! He also makes custom cakes for different occasions. Check out his website here.
I don't remember what time I got up the couch to sleep on one of the rooms upstairs, I just know that I must have looked odd, not even telling them good night and that I'm going to bed. Or maybe they were too drunk and/ or sleepy to have noticed heh.

I woke up this morning to this view.
When Nikki and Tish woke up, we went to the hotel lobby for the breakfast buffet. More than anything else, I appreciate that we got to do this so that we can be introduced completely and be more at ease with one another before Eric and Erica's wedding which is happening less than a month from now! I am terribly shy and awfully awkward so it took a while before I was able to let loose last night, and even then I knew I still couldn't keep myself from holding back.

I gave Rica a pair of Alice Blue candles: one that smells like the Yang Room in Yoga+ and another that smells like a Bohemian wedding - which is her wedding's theme.
We all went home with goodie bags containing facial masks and other *ahem* more adult stuff. Everyone's happy, and the most important thing? We made it a night to remember for the bride-to-be. I'd like to pat everyone on the back for a job very well done.

So, Eric and Erica, let's go get you married.

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