28 December 2012

I am no superhero, but I've long since realized that it feels cool to be decked in superhero "gear" every once in a while. This is what I wore to the office yesterday.

Cape - from Nio Manzano | Shirt - The Inksquad | Jeans - Penshoppe
Boots - Kickers

I got the cape (brand new!) for only P350(!!!) at Alex's booth during the most recent Bloggers United bazaar, and it's seriously one of the most fantabulous pieces in my closet right now! Thanks to my swift eye when it comes to great bargains, I scored it from Alex's stylist friend Nio before the bazaar even opened to the public ha ha. I love the color, the cut, and the fact that it hides my Santa belly brought about by too much cake, its military chic quality. I'd like to think that on one hand I look like a tough Princess Sarah, while on the other hand the details like the hood, patch and zippers on the sleeves make me look like a kick-ass Little Red Riding Hood! I paired it with denim jeans and my trusted Kickers boots.

What's hiding underneath the cape is even cooler. Here's a photo.

OOPS, wrong photo.
I can't seem to get the right pose or angle for a nice enough picture, so I'll just post the zoomed-in version.

Batmantium shirt by The Inksquad
The Inksquad is a shirt-printing company that lets you upload designs which they will then print on shirts for only P490 each! Best thing about it is that they don't require minimum orders, so you can have as many designs printed as you want. I will write a more comprehensive post about them and what they do, but for the meantime you may visit their official website here. The shirt I am wearing is a ready-made design that I couldn't help but order because hells yeah I am huge fan of Batman.

There are no real superheroes in this world, but do you want to know how even in your own little way, you can become one? On Christmas day a lot of families lost their houses and belongings in fires that happened in two separate areas in Metro Manila. One of those affected is my beauty blogger friend Donnarence. I can definitely relate because the same thing happened to me and my family back in January 1, 2001 and we weren't able to save anything. It remains to be one of the most challenging things our family went through, and without the kindness and help of our relatives, friends, and even complete strangers we wouldn't have been able to get through it. On behalf of Donnarence, I am now appealing to your generous hearts, that if you can spare some donations in cash or in kind, then please don't hesitate to do so. Another beauty blogger friend started an initiative to help Donna and her family, and you may read about it here. We're all talking about how great it would be to help make a difference to someone else's life, now here's a chance for us to do that. Thank you in advance and may God bless you even more.

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