My BU4 Weekend: The People

17 December 2012

Ever since I started working as a regular employee (meaning, one that does not require me to go to work on weekends and holidays, as opposed to my previous job in a BPO) I became one of those who get excited as the weekend looms. For me, weekends are the perfect time to experience la dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing. I sleep in, I watch DVDs and catch up on my favorite TV shows, I read books, I laze around the house. I love weekends.

This past weekend though, I became busier than I ever was: flying in mad panic sorting out the stuff I need to bring because I didn't spend any of the previous weekends doing so, then going all the way to World Trade Center where I spent whole day of Saturday and a good part of Sunday selling my wares ha ha. All for the love of Bloggers United. BU4 was held last weekend, and I must say it's my favorite among all the BU installments!

I sold some pre-loved clothes, shoes and bags, bags and organizers from Fabrics in Style, unique accessories from Thingamabobs, and bottles of J&C Super Clean Solutions.
I sold a lot, but umm, I think I bought more than I sold, so my goal to earn some Christmas money after spending everything on my ticket for The Script bombed right on my face, but it's perfectly fine with me as I really, really love everything I got! I will be sharing my BU4 finds on a separate post, but right now I'd like to share my photos with some of the people who made this bazaar extra, extra fun and memorable for me!

My boothmate Marcelo. I met him on the Marquee Mall foodtrip event. He has accomplished so much at such a young age and has a LOT of fans but remains very humble. He's so nice, I love him and I'm glad we're boothmates :)
Mommy Terry, my best friend from HSBC :)
She and her husband own Fabrics in Style, and I can vouch for how well-made their products are!
Marcelo's friends Lifli and Mark and his brother Mac were with us on both days. They're so funny and easy to talk to, making sure there were no dull moments in our booth. I loved our conversations and mini jokes ;p
I also got visited by a lot of people. Thanks for passing by and I hope you like your purchases!

With Caycee (who gave me a gift on Saturday, SO SWEET!), Rejj, and my close friend Dianne and goddaughter Kaylee, who arrived after I've finished packing for the day ha ha.
With beautiful ladies Alexa, Vanessa, and Eden from Cebu, and Steph and Mariel from Butuan ♥
Alex deserves a full-body outfit shot. THAT SKIRT! I COVET!
On the second day, I was able to bring more clothes and got more Thingamabobs pieces!

Bird and insect rings made from beads and copper wires, mother of pearl necklaces, canvas pouches. I honestly wanted to buy everything!
With Alex, Rovie, Abbie (it was my first time to see her in person and she's GOR-GE-OUS, and Sophie
With Ana, Paul, and Marcelo and me sandwiching Bestie
With my officemates Marco [who manned Lauren's booth] and Kira
With Denise, Ava, and Vern
With Nikael
With Kris, who made all the pretty Thingamabobs pieces I sold :)
One of Marcelo's readers gave him this pair of shades. So cute!
Doesn't looking at happy, smiling faces automatically lift your spirits, too?

I'd like to thank BU's organizers Pax, Ana and Melai for including me on the line-up yet again. HUGEST thanks also to everyone who dropped by my booth! And for those who weren't able to go but continuously sends me words of support and encouragement regarding my blogging "career" and/ or my writing style through whatever means possible, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I couldn't stress how grateful I am that people care enough to read what i post here ♥

One of my favorite photos from Sunday
Thank you Marcelo, Mac, Mark and Lifli for being so kind! The bazaar was only for two days but I feel like I've known you forever. I miss you all already! I'm glad I found new friends and I hope to see you guys again really soon! ♥

I hope everyone who went either on Saturday or Sunday (or both!) had a great time and scored a lot of bargains, because I did! See you on BU5?


  1. Hi. I finally saw your blog na. I remember buying a bag organizer from you. :) Thank you! 


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