Post-Christmas post

30 December 2012

The past week has been a blurred flurry of get-togethers, gifts, and too much food that I wasn't able to update my blog that much. Here're the things I've been up to. :)

On Christmas eve, my family went to church for Misa de Gallo with me and my siblings decked out in Miss Sixty and Energie Jeans shirts. We love the fit, thanks Miss Sixty and Energie!

On Christmas day, I wore cherries.
Dress - from Lauren's closet | Purse - Ensembles | Wedges - Parisian
Making faces with my sister
Custaroons from my boss Jenny
We didn't have work last Friday, so I took the chance to go to HSBC to get my final pay. My last day with the company was back in August and I really missed my dear officemates and old friends from there.

However, as happy as I was to see them again after so long, I didn't feel as happy to be back as much as I expected. I had a brief Rachel and Kurt-in-McKinley moment when I felt like it doesn't feel like home any more. I don't have any other documents to go back for, no other reasons to return, and I can always see my friends somewhere else. That was my last goodbye, and frankly that knowledge doesn't make me feel sad.

Yesterday, I watched Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes at Araneta Coliseum with my friend Dianne, her daughter Kaylee, and her cousin Kat. It was great and Aladdin and Jasmine were amazing as always (they were also the best in all the other Disney performances I've seen in my whole lifetime), but I think last year's show was better. Nevertheless, watching it made me feel really happy (so happy that it made me cry out of sheer joy) and I know that I will keep watching every Disney on Ice show staged here.

Dianne and Kaylee

Next concert I am looking forward to: The Script!!! I LOVED their first concert here and I love that they didn't wait too long before deciding to come back. "From what I've seen and I've heard, when it comes to you, baby no, there are no, there are no words." I can't wait!

Some new purchases:

Yay, books!
The Best of Archie Comics vol. 2, Samatha Sotto's Before Ever After, and Marla Miniano's From This Day Forward
CHARMED bracelets from SM Accessories: Turquoise for wealth, good fortune, and peace. Rose Quartz for love, confidence, and inner peace. God knows I need ALL of these this coming year.
I've also spent the last couple of days debating with myself as to whether I would get a Kindle or a new camera instead. As luck would have it, all local online stores ran out of stocks of the Kindle after I finally decided to get one and the earliest they can get one for me is late January or early February. Because I am an impulsive beech... I got a phone instead. LOL. My new phone will arrive within five business days and I am crossing my finger I can have it the earliest time possible. I am so excited! I am so excited I've started listing down the apps I will install on it once I have it in my grubby paws! ;)

It's almost 2013, you guys! Any last grandiose plans before the year ends?

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