My BU4 Weekend: The Goodies

18 December 2012

In my previous post I shared with you photos of the happy, beautiful faces I was with during the fourth installment of the Bloggers United bazaar. Now I want to share photos of the bargains I got!

Hello Kitty slouchy hoodie - P350
Heart-print pullover - P200
I got these from Aisa's booth for only P450 for both! Thanks for the discount, Mich!

Fierce, feisty, and oh-so-gorgeous, I knew I HAD to have this cape (Yes! It's a cape!) the moment Nio hung it on the rack in Alex's booth ♥ Such a steal too for only P350!
Cherry-prints! Tube dress! Tulle! Goodbye, P300!
Remember this post when I said I need her cape in my life? Mwahahaha I have it now! Not the exact thing, yes, but it looks the same! And it's cream! And it's so soft! And it's... it's... it's simple and sexy and looks complex! And it's for only P200!!!
Both were from Lauren's booth! Thanks for the family-and-friends/ officemate discount, Marco!

I was wearing a different top when I went to World Trade Center yesterday but changed into this star-print pullover when I got it from Bestie's booth for only P200 ♥
Sssshhh, don't tell my mom, but I think I spent more than I earned. Oops.

Now let's go to the gifts. I'd like to thank the people who read my blog and my blogger friends for being so awesome, showering me with these gifts. So thoughtful and touching and sweet.

From Caycee ♥ Thank you so much!
Me to Luci: Oh, your bracelet's so nice!
Luci: *removes bracelet and gives it to me* It's yours.
Me: Wow!
And that's the short and condensed story of why I've been wearing these two arm candies for three days in a row now :)

Pink sheer pullover from Alexa
Gray jersey maxi skirt from Van
I actually meant to buy these two pieces from Alexa and Van, but they just gave them to me for free. At first I was like, "Wow, really? Thank you!", and then I was like "Do I look like I don't have money to afford these?" o.0 Hahaha!

Charm Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush from Sophie
Black and white striped pullover and floral scarf from Vern 
Dainty ear cap from Ava
Betty canvas pouch for my phones or camera
Betty's speech bubble says, "Just drooling, thank you!" STORY OF MY LIFE, FOREVER.
The Little Prince mother of pearl necklace
I've been in a The Little Prince mood for weeks now, haven't you heard?
Both the canvas pouch and the necklace are from Thingamabobs. I can't wait to order more customized stuff!

Thank you, kind people of the Philippine blogging community, for giving me great deals and including me in your Christmas gift lists. I feel sooo touched! ♥ I honestly can't decide what my favorite is... What do you think?

Did you score great finds from BU4 as well? I want to see! Post your links on the comments and I'll take a peek! :)


  1. love your goodies, krissy!!:) you finally have the betty pouch! yiiii! hehe buti pala i didn't get it!

  2. Oooo, you picked up some nice goodies! Love the Betty pouch and The Little Prince necklace, especially. And can I just say that I love your starry layout, it makes me want to go outside at night and gaze at the stars :) 

  3. I love all of it!! Great finds! <3

  4. That necklace makes me insanely jealous, I cannot even. Haha. Where can I get one?

  5. Haha, I liked a lot of the other designs too so I'm sure that even if you got it, I would've picked something else :D I want a The Little Prince canvas pouch, too!

  6. Thank you, m'lady! I've been on a The Little Prince mood all December, ever since I got myself a Le Petit Prince Moleskine Planner ♥

  7. Hi Mikaela! The Little Prince mother of pearl necklace is from Thingamabobs, and it's only for P80! You can find them on Facebook here>> I'm friends with the maker/ seller's cousin :) You can check the other designs in this photo but I'm sure she has more at home :)


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