Three outfits in three days

22 December 2012

Oh hello, I missed you.

First it was BU4, and then it was work. I got buried under a lot of stuff and commitments (i.e. sponsored posts) these past few days so I haven't been able to update this blog. I am trying to get my [writing] groove back so I'm starting with this. I don't want to publish half-hearted posts and there's a special wedding I attended today that I'd like to tell you more about, so I think I'll write about that next.

For the meantime, let me be superficial for a bit and talk about clothes. Here are some gratuitous outfit photos from this week ;)

18 December 2012
Black and white mini dress - Seventeen | Necklace - Maria Paulita
Bag - Ferretti | Shoes - Solemate by Parisian

I've always loved how stripes give any piece of clothing a nautical feel. I especially like stripes when they're in black and white. The mini dress (which I now realize must have looked better if worn with pants, ha ha) was given to me by Vern when they were already packing up on the second day of BU4. We were booth-neighbors and she just told me to get whatever I want from the pile of clothes still there, so I chose this. The gray bag from Ferretti is my new favorite bag because it's roomy and looks so classy. Perfect for the office!

20 December 2012
Top - Penshoppe | Skirt - from Vanessa
Necklace - SM Accessories | Heels - Parisian

I got home really late on Wednesday night because I got caught in the Christmas rush. I was tired, hungry, and sleepy, but seeing a parcel from Penshoppe instantly brightened up my mood! The package contained the top shown above, a collar necklace, and a handwritten note. I totally wasn't expecting this since they didn't tell me they would be sending something over, so it was such a pleasant surprise! Perfect size, too, although I knotted it at the back to complement the maxi skirt. Thanks, Penshoppe team!

The gray jersey maxi skirt is also from BU4, I got it (for free!) from the dazzling Vanessa's booth. As for the necklace, it was an impulse buy from SM Accessories. I only went there to get something for our office Kris Kringle but I saw this blush pink acrylic necklace and I absolutely couldn't resist. I am P399.75 poorer because of this, but it's okay I guess. I have a pretty necklace. :)

As for the heels, well, I was actually wearing my calf-length gladiator sandals when I left the house that morning, but it gave up on me within my first couple of hours in the office. Maybe because it hasn't been worn for sooo long and it got damaged on storage, but good thing I have my trusted Parisian heels under my desk. I left it there for emergencies such as this, so it always pays to be prepared.

21 December 2012
Headband - SM Accessories | Top - from Aisa | Jeans - 168 Mall
Princess Jasmine necklace - bought online | Sandals - Ipanema | Bag - Ferretti

This pullover I got from Aisa's booth during BU4 is one of my favorite recent acquisitions. I love the floral piping on the collar and cuffs, plus the heart-prints are just so charming! I wore this yesterday because it was the first day of winter solstice (I love that word, solstice.) and I thought we would finally feel some real Christmas breeze. Well... I've been wrong about a lot of things before, and my assumption about the weather in yesterday's winter solstice is now one of them.

By the way, for our office Kris Kringle, one of the weekly assignments is to give your baby "something naughty or nice". My daddy Marco gave me this:

A deck of playing cards showing different photos of Justin Bieber.
Well played, Marco, well played.
Enough talk about me. How are YOU? Care to share your Christmas plans? :)

PS: My Charms of Christmas giveaway is still open! I've only got two entries and I'm giving away 12, so please join?


  1. You're a lovely young lady Krissy--you look good in everything!  I hope your holiday season is off to a good start.

  2. My favorite outfit would be the second! Every piece just looks so perfect on you. >_< I wish I could also work a maxi skirt... I tried it once and didn't work well but maybe I should try again haha. :))


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