On the fifth day of Christmas Ayala gave to me: complimentary cinema passes!

15 December 2012

Whenever they're stressed, some people go to spas to have a massage or a pampering sesh. Well, I can't do that because I'm very ticklish and the slightest touch might make me kick the masseuse. So what do I do when life becomes a little too much and I feel like I need to step back and take a breather? I watch movies. I love how films can easily make us zone out of our worlds and let us step into other worlds. And because most movies run for not more than three hours, the effect is more instant than say, reading a book.

For Day 5 of Ayala Malls' Random Acts of Kindness: 12 Days of Christmas campaign, rising stars Makisig Morales and Shy Carlos distributed complimentary gift passes to shoppers at the cinema lobby of TriNoma.

Wow. I could really use a movie pass right now, just to escape the holiDAZE just a bit. Just look at all those happy faces! Speaking of which, are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am not and I am feeling slightly panicky already! It might be a good idea to drop by Glorietta after work on Monday to put even a dent on my list and then hopefully score one of Ayala Malls' random acts of kindness...

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