Shoe Shoppin'

07 June 2012

There are two things you can never have too many of: good friends and good shoesIt just feels so wonderful that my Tuesday was spent with both :)

I haven't seen my long-time friend/ soul sister Ana for quite a while now because of my work and her Bloggers United commitments, so after all those were over, we made a point to exhale and have another date. The best thing to do while catching up? Why, shopping, of course!

BIG thanks to Parisian Shoes for enabling us! I wasn't able to attend the SM Ladies' show at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week so I was pleasantly surprised to learn I still get a special gift from them. After collecting it at their office, we [practically] ran to SM Makati to spend our gift cards haha.

It's so great to see that Parisian now has LOTS of styles and designs to choose from, all at affordable prices! Because, you know, I may be earning my own money now but it doesn't mean all of it will go to shoe-money. Because, you know, I am actually an adult now who has to face up to adulthood and pay, you know, bills. Ugh. We had a ball trying on different pairs of shoes, so I'd like to take this chance to thank the sales assistant who helped us with the sizes :)

After trying on a mountain of shoes, we chose these:

Can you guess which one is whose?
I chose this floral pair. Don't you think it's so me?
It's SUPER pretty, I'm gonna die!!!
Animal print (zoology) on floral print (botany) = BIOLOGY haha.
While Ana chose the wedges on two different colors: red and black!
They look absolutely perfect!
I actually wanted the same red wedges that she chose so we planned to buy the same pair initially and wear them at events together just for laughs, but it was love at first sight for me when I spotted the floral wedges ;p

I really had a great time at this shoe-shopping trip! Thank you so much, Parisian Shoes and Bags! You're spoiling us with all these treats, but I am not complaining heehee. 

Ana and I talked about the different things that have been happening lately, and I love that even if we don't see each other for a while, it always feels like no time has passed when we do see each other again. We've known each other for almost seven years now, and whenever we talk I sometimes stop and realize just how much we've experienced together and how much we've grown up, in a lot of ways. I know I'm getting really cheesy here so I'm going to stop now. I just feel blessed to have friends like her, as well as friends like Aisa, Paul and Vanessa, who we met for an event and dinner plus coffee later in the day. I hope that whoever's reading this now also knows how blessed he/ she is with his/ her friends :)

I'm really thankful for friends who never change even if lots of other people and circumstances do ♥ Cheers to old friends AND new shoes!

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