MYOH Fifty Firsts Promo: Summer in Slippers

03 May 2012

My Havaianas Saks Trish McEvoy enjoying Puerto Galera
My Havaianas Candies enjoying Tagaytay
Whether you prefer feeling the sand between your toes as you enjoy lounging by the beach or the grass beneath your feet as you take in the grassy outdoors, nothing's better as a sole-partner than the nifty and colorful flip-flops from Havaianas.

I've gone on countless out-of-town trips with my family and friends and one thing I never forget to tote in my luggage is a pair (or two) of my Havs. Durable, comfortable, and fun(!!!) to wear, they're the perfect companions in taking those long walks and making more memories ♥

My dream summer destination? Greece. There's just something about its history and culture that amazes me, and I can't wait to explore the different islands, take photos, buy souvenirs, and visit Parthenon. Someday, I'm going to visit Greece, and when I do I am definitely bringing my favorite Havaianas pair. Still can't decide which is my favorite among the different pairs I have, though... But I'll get to that, once I get a visa. And money, of course! ;p

Now here's something that will excite all of you Havaianas-lovers out there: the Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 happening on May 10 - 14 at the Rockwell Tent! This (always guaranteed to be a success) event is made even more special as Havaianas is celebrating its 50th year, hurray!
Let's look back at 50 years of style, fashion, and good memories. Since 1962, Havaianas has grown to become an icon of summer. Fifty years down the road, it still stands tall and strong as it brings the style, fun under the sun, and a venue for self-expression to the world. It's not a surprise then to see how well it has been received as it arrived to our sunny beaches. As the embodiment of casual ease and luxurious joy, this pioneer in the global flip- flops industry holds a special place in the hearts (and feet) of Filipinos. 
Be sure to catch the live broadcast of the Make Your Own Havaianas Launch Night directed by Robby Carmona on May 8, 6PM, via Facebook or at MYOH's official website!
It's the ultimate celebration of self-expression as we all get to choose the strap, the footbed, and pins we want on our flip-flops! I can't wait! Will I see you there, fellow Havaianatico? :)

*This post is for the Fifty Firsts promo ♥

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