And then I realized...

15 May 2012

It feels like forever since my last post! I spent majority of Sunday just sleeping in my apartment, and then yesterday I had a fun spontaneous fro-yo, dinner, then fro-yo (again!) date in TriNoma with my blog-friends Angel, Paul, Kelly, and Dan that I didn't get to go online all day (except on my phone, just to tweet how full I felt hee). I am currently drowning swimming in pending blog posts, announcements and releases, but I guess I just have to take each one post at a time.

Right now I just want to go with the stream of consciousness though. No set topics in mind, no complaints to lament, no epiphanies; just simply letting my fingers fly across the keyboard.

And then I realized I just really, really, really want to watch The Avengers again but I don't have anyone to watch it with.

And then I realized I don't want to entertain depressing thoughts about how I've been single for so long now that I've already forgotten when exactly I started treading the path of single-blessedness (-wretchedness?) after being part of a happy-mushy-cheesy couple for so long. You see, the dates of "being a couple" and "not being a couple anymore" are kinda blurred when it comes to pseudo-relationships.

And then I realized I love being free to do what I want, when I want them, but it doesn't hurt having someone to sometimes stop me from doing them because he wants me to spend time with him.

And then I realized I can take care of myself (I've been living alone in an apartment for a year and a half now) but it also feels good to have someone who wants to take care of me.

And then I realized it is better to be alone than have someone who doesn't really feel like being there. Really.

And then I realized it's pointless to feel mad at someone when they don't really know what they did to upset me in the first place. And if they're dense and insensitive enough to not know, then it's not my problem anymore.

And then I realized the stash of body lotion I have in the apartment doesn't have SPF and I need to buy a new one tomorrow, because, hello, Manila sunshine at 2PM? 'Nuff said.

And then I realized I said in the second paragraph of this post that I said I won't post any epiphanies and just let my stream of consciousness wander. And then it turns out I have quite a lot of things to say that I've just been too scared to say out loud.

And then I thought of the great conversation I had with my closest friend in the office, Terry, earlier. Life's good. ♥

"There is something to be said for the pure joy of dressing up and going out, of being young and alive in the city."

Dress - (I've already forgotten where I got it...) | Waist belt - YRYS
Bag - Parisian Polka dot socks - Jellybean | Booties - PILL

Heart charm bracelet - gift from my bestfriend Jerome | Archie and Friends charm bracelet - bought online
Angel wing connector ring - Anagon Collection

This is what I wore to the ice cream party I wrote about in this post. Thank you for taking my outfit shots, Angel! :)

Now I realize how pretty little things can cheer up an otherwise bleaky afternoon. Thank you for listening reading! ♥

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