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04 May 2012

I reply to comments to my posts within the post itself - hence my installation of Intense Debate Disqus - but I thought a comment left from an Anonymous person on my most recent post deserves a post by itself. I actually tried to email him/ her with my response on the email address he/ she left on the required field but my message just bounced back. I'm publishing the exact comment here together with my response in the hopes that he/ she will get to read it.

Here's the comment: 
I've been an avid follower of your blog and I'm just sad that you've turned this blog to a huge advertising space. I miss those personal posts that a lot of people could relate to and not because you are being invited to an event or getting freebies then you are obliged to blog about it. I miss the old krissyfied that I've been following for the past 4 years.
And here's my response on the email I tried to send:

Hello! Saw your email address in the Intense Debate commenting system, I really hope this is a valid email address.

First, I wanted to thank you for reading my blog. You said you've been reading my posts for the last 4 years, wow, that's very flattering, thank you :) I agree that to some extent, has become a "huge advertising space". I don't want it to be the case really, but to be honest, nothing interesting has been happening with my life lately.. But I also got to write a lot of personal posts this April, I hope you got to read them ;) Modesty aside, I've realized that I write better when I'm writing personal posts, but I find that I can only write those personal posts when something has affected me quite deeply. You said you've been reading my posts for the last 4 years, so you've read my emo-charged posts before about my heartbreaks. I found it really difficult to deal with that tough time in my life and writing about it helped me cope. The only problem is, the guy I was writing about is in the same office as I am, and (even though I have already moved on) now that we're not talking I cringe every time I remember all of those whenever I see him (which is, uh, almost every day). I wanted to delete those posts at first but then I realized that no matter how much I regret it, everything I wrote before was honest, from the heart, and really described what I felt before. 

Anyway I'm blabbering, sorry. I just wanted to say that even if my blog may look like a huge advertising space now, it doesn't necessarily mean that I write them just because of the free stuff I've been getting. Everything I have posted have all interested me. Truth is, I receive at least three emails a day asking for press releases to be posted in my blog, but I only post those that I am interested in, and those that I know my blog's audiences might like. And yeah, okay, some of them I've written as a personal favor to some friends. But as much as possible, I inject my "personal touch" in my posts about the events I've attended and I hope my "voice" still comes across. There are times I get lazy though (and you can find proof of that in my What's Up, [insert name of month] posts). Sometimes I worry about looking like a sell-out, but then again whenever I read my past entries I am reminded how fun this blogging world is, how many opportunities I've been exposed to that I wouldn't have experienced without a solid blogging history under my belt, and how many friends I've met through these new experiences. At the end of the day, I just want to share pretty little things and peace, love & lipgloss ♥

What I've been trying to achieve is a healthy balance between the two (personal posts and brand releases) and I'm sorry if you think I haven't been successful. Almost seven years into this blogging thing and I'm still trying to figure this out hehe. But really, thank you so much for leaving a comment and for reading my blog, I really appreciate it and I am encouraged more than ever to continue on honing my writing skills.

Thank you so much! Happy Friday! :) 

Whoever you are, I hope you are reading this, and thank you for your comment :) To everyone else reading this, I would like to know your thoughts, please?


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