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07 May 2012

Here's something that will make shopaholics simultaneously scream in delight and misery. Delight, because it makes shopping more fun and easy, and misery because it makes shopping more fun and easy LOL.

A partner site of Summit Media, TheMall.ph used to be part of StyleBible as its online shopping directory. But now, the site has been revamped as a shopping platform complete with added sprinkles to make shopping much more enjoyable.
Run by the same creative team that produces StyleBible.ph, TheMall gives you a fashionable take on online shopping, with its stylish selection of clothes, accessories, beauty and novelty items for women and kids. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive brand directory equips users with informed shopping decisions, so that browsers can become buyers. TheMall.ph houses all stores under one roof, making it the ultimate online shopping destination for all shopaholics.
Nikki, Isha, Janey and Mark of StyleBible and TheMall.ph invited us over to an intimate lunch at The Gallery in Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood a couple of weeks ago to present the revamped site, so here I am sharing it with you :)

The Search function makes looking for that perfect pair of salmon-colored flats easier because you can choose the category (Bags, Shoes, Accessories, etc.) and type the keywords, then voila! It already gives you a list of items within the category so you can choose which of them you like best. I should know because that's what I did to come up with the pieces I chose below ;)

Unlike other shopping sites, TheMall serves only as mediatrix between the seller and buyer. You are protected though, as TheMall screens all entrepreneurs first before letting them register and display their items on the site.

If you see something you like but can't buy yet either because of financial restraints or a mighty self-control (and if that's the case, then congratulations), you can add the items on your virtual closet, making viewing them again in the future much more convenient. My bookmarks folder in my computer is filled with great finds online I have yet to buy, so yeah, I love this feature too. All you have to do is register.

Here's a peek at the closet I made earlier:

And here's a closer look at the individual pieces:

So casual, so breezy, so summery. I love it.
As my profile says, "Chandeliers, cheesecakes, and charm bracelets make me happy."
'Nuff said.
This is the first result when I tried to Search for "salmon" from the Shoes category.
The gold caps at the toe makes these flats look less casual, more dressy.
You know what else is great about TheMall.ph? It lets you create outfits by mixing and matching the pieces in your closet!

If you are familiar with Polyvore, yep, it's kinda like that, except better because the items are from local shores, meaning easier to get our paws onto ;) Here's my "finished outfit":

I named it Corals and Watermelons :)
I can totally rock this outfit.
Visit TheMall.ph today and see who's on the cover page!

Sarah of Fashion Eggplant!
Great mom and friend, fashion blogger and certified shopaholic ;)
Great news for everyone planning to overhaul their wardrobe and with cash to burn:

A Summer Flash Sale will be held between May 9 to 15, and I am hoping the Pucker Up purse will be part of the sale!
Happy shopping!

Plus points for you if you got the Mean Girls reference in the title!

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