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31 May 2012

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who keep on visiting my blog even when my posts have been pretty irregular and wayward these past couple of weeks. I'm still trying to adjust to some of the changes that have been happening in my life lately and my offline life has been eating pretty much a huge chunk off my energy that I don't get to blog as much as I would like (although I'm still active on Twitter so, follow me maybe?). Some event invites have also slipped by because I can't seem to keep track of the date and time these days. Tsk. Thank you for sticking around :) I will host a giveaway soon that will involve us meeting for an afternoon filled with sweets and fun conversation so I hope you'll watch out for that :)

Right now I just wanted to steal a few minutes off my offline life and talk about something I'm sure we're all excited about: the third Bloggers United Bazaar happening on Saturday at the Grandview Events Place in Makati!

I've spent the past week preparing for this - I sorted out my closets and book shelves in both my room and my apartment and got super excited about the things I've unearthed! The thing about having two different houses, you tend to forget which house the item you want can be found. And the thing about having way too much stuff, well, you tend to forget which pieces you already have so they just lie inside your closet. I personally think that's just sad, so I fully support letting go of some of our stuff so we can easily usher the new ones in! Although of course, it can be really hard to let some of our favorite pieces go but because of some unexpected circumstances *cough*gained weight*cough* I have no other choice but to let them find someone who will care for them, lest I let them fade away into oblivion, forgotten inside my closet also known as Narnia.

Look how excited I am, I even bought supplies ;p

I spent my Wednesday drowning in a sea of people buying school supplies from National Bookstore. Turquoises and pinks are my favorite color combination ♥

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of some of the items I will sell:

Titles in hardcover like The Devil Wears Prada and The Nanny Diaries for only P75!
How to Walk in High Heels, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Yes Man for only P150 - P200!
Paperbacks like Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, and RL Stine for only P20 each!
Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. Each book originally costs P295 but I will sell the set for only P300.
I outgrew my Twilight phase already so I'm selling this set of hardcover journals with tin can case for only P400! Original price is P700+.
[Never used] straw hat with bow for only P50.
Black lace cardigan topper
I really love this pretty cream lace dress but it's a little too big for me. Selling for only P180!
I will be very sad to see this Betty shirt from Kamiseta go. Very sad.
High-waist camouflage print skirt. Very flattering!
Brown stiletto booties. Size 7. Used once. Selling for only P300!
Assorted long necklaces.
I haven't actually finished packing yet but I will be selling more clothes, bags, and accessories! For those who visited my booth last time, I will be selling some brand new bags from Fabric in Style (much like the ones I am using in most of my Postura Project posts) and bag organizers again.

We are encouraging love for Mother Earth, so please bring your own eco-bags! For those who don't have one (or for those who will be needing more if you are planning to shop a LOT), I will also be selling eco-bags there for only P50 each! Free eco-bags will be given for every P500 purchase :)

No matter how stressed and exhausted the preparations are making me, I'm sure this is nothing to the levels of stress the organizers are feeling, so really, I should just pause, breathe and relax. Life's good ♥

See you on Saturday? Please don't forget to drop by my booth! I'll be sharing booth space with Ava and Reg.

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