A makeover-date with KATE

29 May 2012

For me, the worst thing about having to wear glasses all the time is not being able to play with eye makeup that much. I have contact lens now, but that doesn't mean I would just go ahead and wear them every day. It's just not practical for me, and my eyes do tend to get irritated after a few hours. I can always put makeup even with my glasses on, of course, but if they just remain hidden, then what's the point, right? Maybe that's also the main reason why I put off learning how to do my own eye makeup until after college. I've always loved watching tutorials on Youtube though, and I think it's even better if I can see it in person so that I can use the tips and techniques on myself when I need to doll up for events, business meetings, or special dates.

Two Sundays ago, I met up with Angel and Rovie for a mini makeover at the Kate by Kanebo mall animation set up at the SM North EDSA. Who wouldn't be excited at the thought of makeup, colors, eye shadows and lipgloss?

We were primarily invited so we can try out the new Real Create Eyes palette, a five-shade eye shadow palette with clear soft-transmitting colors and deep monotone colors for creating deeply contoured eyes.

Real Create Eyes comes in five groups of shades.
I was also intrigued by this mascara. It has a unique brush and it was my first time to see mascara being applied like that hee.
Yummy, pretty colors.
Radiant Angel after her makeover.
Thank you for tagging me along!
This is my BEFORE photo.
And this is my AFTER photo.
I didn't ask for full face makeup since I wouldn't be going anywhere special that night.
The PK-1 palette that contains pink toned shades (it's the second one from the top left on the photo of eye shadows posted above) was used on me. It was my first time to try pink tones on my lids (I always do either smokey eyes or bronzy eyes) and I must say I liked the effect. I remembering reading in a beauty magazine before that girls who wear eyeglasses must wear shimmery eye shadows so that they can still show. I used the same palette on a meeting I went to last Monday (I was wearing my glasses the whole time) and the effect was very nice! It provided just the right amount of shimmer without being too crazy on the glitter, just the way I liked it. 

My camera couldn't quite capture it, but...
Shining, shimmering, splendid lids ♥
I have naturally long lashes that remain hidden because of my glasses *sad face*
I also liked that the Real Create Eyes palette already contains its own primer. No need to apply and blend separate primer on lids! The gel primer is also already teeming with micro-shimmers, so that's like hitting two pigs with one angry bird.

With Miss Yannie of Kanebo.
Group photo grabbed from Rovie.
It's so fun to play around with colors and makeup! Now I can't wait to flash you my pink, pretty peepers heehee ;)

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