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26 May 2012

There's nothing else I would love to do more than just sit in front of my computer and write something. Which I realize I'm doing right now but not really, since I'm using my cousin's computer heh. The past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I know the next couple of weeks will also be crazy, so I am foreseeing a lack of regularity in my posts. In days I would want to write something but can't go online straightaway, at least my phone or journal is always there to document what I want to express.

Yesterday was pretty eventful for me; after work I went to Makati for an important meeting, and then I had to miss Oxygen's show for Philippine Fashion Week as I realized I haven't seen my family for a week and I missed them. I spent a good two hours and twenty minutes on the looong commute home so I'm hoping I could find a place to stay nearer if some of my plans push through. And then my brother had to be rushed to the hospital because his tummy has been aching for a few days now. He still needs to have more tests taken, but he said he's feeling a little better now, thank God. Because they went to the hospital, I just stayed home and missed a mini-reunion with my barkada from high school.

As for today, well, I slept the whole day away. I was feeling pretty low because I had to miss Lifehouse's concert. Too bad, a friend is offering me Patron tickets but because I had no one to go with, I declined it (with a very heavy heart). Oh well. Who knows, maybe they'll come back after a couple of years.

So there, I just wanted to say I'm still alive, and if my posts rarely come that means I'm busy going after my dreams. I still have a lot of backlogs and I hope I can get around to posting them once I get the time. I've started preparing the stuff I will be selling at the Bloggers United Bazaar Part Three and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a sneak peek within the week. See you there! ♥

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