Catching up, missing you, and the new American Idol

24 May 2012

Hello everyone! Oh my golly, I feel like I haven't blogged for ages!!! Told 'ya this week's going to be crazy. Did any of you guys miss me? *bats eyelashes* A quick recap is in order.

Sunday. I got a mini makeover sponsored by Kate by Kanebo (and learned more tips about applying eyeshadows) with my blog-friends Angel and Rovie, then super pigged out at Kenny Rogers and Red Mango with them and Catch and Pao. It was fun talking to these guys, but I had to leave early because I had work early the next day.

Monday. I decided (at the last minute) to go to a workshop sponsored by Raffles Design Institute. I learned a lot about things to remember when doing bazaar stints, and although I am not an entrepreneur per se unlike my blog sister Ana, I know I can put all those 'trading secrets' to good use when I set up my booth at the Bloggers United Bazaar Part Three! I'll be sharing a booth with my pretty fashion blogger-friends Ava and Reg, so make sure to pass by! ♥ After the workshop, I also got to hang out with some of my favorite people from the interwebs: Ana, Aisa, and Paul. Aaand roamed around TriNoma with pretty Kira, where we, again, pigged out at Red Mango. A joint giveaway with her (and my favorite fro-yo place!) is happening soon, so watch out for it ;)

Tuesday. I went to Bonifacio High Street again for the launch of new intimates and shapewear by Jockey held at Aria Cucina Italiana. I looove that restaurant with all of me so it doesn't matter what kind of launch it is, you CAN make me go there heehee. We were given gift cards that I used today, and I love everything I got! I can't wait to share them with you. But of course you won't see outfit posts here of me stripped to my undies. That would be scandalous haha.

Wednesday. There's nothing much I can say about this day except that I felt so giddy in the morning because I didn't have any plans to go anywhere after work so I just went straight home and slept. From 3:30PM to 5:22AM the next day. With just quick breaks in between to pee or check my phone. Yes.

Today. Thank God for supportive officemates ♥ My friend Jam agreed to swap rest days with me just so I can go to the live screening of the American Idol finale held at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 at 7AM today. I admit I haven't really been watching these past few seasons (but I was a big fan from Seasons 3 to 8) but I got to watch marathons at StarWorld when I'm home. And c'mon, could I really pass up on the chance to see powerhouse performances - not only from the finalists, but from guest performers as well - on the big screen? That would be just like watching a live concert! And I was right! Everyone who were there were all cheering, clapping, and stamping! I loved the audience's reactions almost as much as the performances shown on screen! And of course, watching it with my friend Ed made it even more fun (you should hear our side comments on different things whenever we get together haha). Jessica Sanchez might not have won, but with talent like that, she is still a winner! And Philip Phillips is just so charming! But the biggest winner of them all? Rihanna! Best in Legs! Haha. Thank you, Greenwich and StarWorld for inviting me!

I also won American Idol earphones in the raffle! Weeeeh!
After the show, I went to Centris where I (as mentioned above) used my Jockey gift cards. I then went to my Aunt Jean's house in Valenzuela, then accompanied her to SM North to shop for appliances and furniture. Went to all these places with a swollen right eye, and I don't know why. I am (understandably) exhausted, and I can't wait to crash into my pillows tonight.

Tomorrow. Is a brand new day and I'll do something that might change the course of my life forever. I sound so dramatic, but it's true. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I hope you can all wish me luck! ♥

PS: I promise to write more comprehensive posts about the events I mentioned above once I get the chance.

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