My love affair with glasses

17 April 2010

I started wearing glasses when I was eight years old. I know, right? Blame genetics, I know for a fact that my eyes did not turn out this way because of the number of times I sat in front of the TV and the times I read my books even when I was in the dark (yes, that's how much I was and still am, addicted to books.)

The glasses I have had are listed in this order:
  1. Pink and white plastic frames
  2. Pink and gold frames with pink dinosaur print at the sides
  3. Black "formal" frames
  4. Black Speedo frames
  5. Black square frames
  6. Pink and white Vans plastic frames
I realize I really, really like pink have been a bad, bad "glasses-wearer" as I wore them for at least two years each! I bought the latest one on January 2008 and I am still using it now.

photo taken in Vigan, Ilocos last month

I know I can always wear contacts, but because I have astigmatism the prices of contacts I can use is four times the price of regular contacts! Even the price of my lens is three times the price of lens without astigmatism. If only I don't have astigmatism, I can afford to buy seven glasses and wear a different one every day for a week! :D

Last Thursday was payday so my officemate Mich and I went to the malls for some window shopping. I wasn't really in the mood for shopping but I figured since this is my birthmonth then yeah, I should get something special for myself. I chanced upon the cutest raspberry plastic frames and I couldn't resist it so I got it!

So cute! I love the price, too! Very inexpensive at only 149.75php (about 3USD)!

We then went to Eye-Q (isn't that the cutest name for an optical shop? :D) to have my eyes refracted and have lens fitted in my new frames. After my refraction, the optometrist told me my eyes' grade for short-sightedness increased just a little bit while my astigmatism did not change at all. She then told me they do not offer any warranties if the frames were not bought from them. My cute raspberry frames might not withstand the heat while being processed which may lead to the lens being broken as well and if that's the case, I really could not ask for a refund. Because of this I was kinda forced to buy new frames from them. I didn't really mind though as I got a really cool pair from them.

Transparent, clear frames :) I love it! More pricey at 1,650php (33USD) but I don't mind :)

I am keeping the raspberry frames for "cute portrait" purposes. Maybe one of these days I can take the risk and have lenses fitted for them :)

I can get the transparent, clear frames in six working days. I am so excited! :D


  1. Aww yay, glasses love! Too bad abou the raspberry shades, but these clear ones look awesome ... pics with you wearing them, por favore? :D I started to wear glasses in grade ten but I rarely put them on unless I have to. And it's odd, 70% of the people I know who have glasses have astigmatism, and you're joining them, I guess!

    Hope you have an amazing weekend, Krissy :D

  2. haha...we're probably in the same boat. i got my red plastic ones for 179, but had to by 1,500 frames too. I have astigmatism as well...and was surprised that my thing had gotten worse. it was all my fault...bad habits like reading in bed, AND, get this, spending too much time online. tsk tsk. :-p

  3. I used to wear glasses and then I lost them! SO now I need to get off my lazy butt and go get me a new pair.

    I like the shape of your glasses and they suit you! ;p

  4. So glad you're feeling waaayyy better. :]
    I've had to wear glasses since I was 8 too, but I took a break from them til I was about 15. After that I had no choice. I love wearing glasses now though.


  5. i only started to wear glasses when i was 15, BUT i have had more glasses than you. AND that's a bad thing, because i keep on changing them every 6 months and my parents were so pissed that i kept on changing them. ahahha. my most favourite one is the Esprit one but the lenses are all scratched up but i'm gonna change the lenses one of these days because i freaking love the frame. it fits me well. i've 2 most latest ones but i dont really like them :(

  6. Transparent frames, cool!! They remind me of Song Hye Gyo's glasses in Full House!! :)

  7. i do wear glasses when im in front of my pc protect my eyes from the rays...though my eyesight is poor but i never wanted to go out wearing glasses kasi i perspire a lot & acidic din ako.when i use frames that are metallic it would be tarnishes..when i use plastic, it leaves some marks on my skin...then i can't wipe my face din when i need to..i have to remove it pa then put it back on. that's why people think that im a snob kasi hnd daw ako namamansin...

    they just didn't know that i can't do so kasi i can't see them clearly..haha

    my current glasses nga needs to be changed na. i have to find a good frame first.. i hope i'll be able to find a cheap one sa dept stores kasi i only use it indoor..

  8. I love glasses! Well, they make me looks slightly smarter, lol.

    But I can proudly say I have no problem with my eyes (yet), I still can read what my friends can't anymore, lololol. that makes me sounds obnoxious when I read things FAR away and they ask me, "what are you reading?" and I point to a banner or something meters away and they'll react (it's always like this) "You CAN read that?!!!"

    lol *proud*

    by the way. Don't you notice I am BACK???! Hahha, I'm not sure for how long, but I hope it'll be forever *amen* and not just a calm before the storm thing.

  9. Awww...Krissy! You look so sophisticated with your glasses. I'm near sighted but stopped wearing my glasses when I went into college. I've been wearing contacts ever since

  10. You can still use the raspberry frames... for porma nga lang kasi sayang, it's really fabulous.

    Love the clear frames though. You are so cute in that pic. xoxo

  11. You look cute in glasses Krissy!

    I'm hoping cat-eye glasses make a comeback. =)

  12. I've been wearing glasses forever too because I hate wearing my contacts since I have "extremely" dry eyes so they really bug me. Unfortunately glasses are expensive around here but I'm totally going to stock up when I go to Asia though.

  13. Ah, you make glasses look so chic! I love the frame shape you have - it's just adorable!! :)

  14. My girlfriend wears glasses and she changed the frames a little while ago. I needed some time to get used to it, but now I love them. Oh, and few weeks ago I had a medical check up. Turns out my sight is flawless, yay! ;D


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