Regret you, Regret you not

27 January 2011

Photo taken by Watcher Concepcion
I have always tried to live my life with the belief that it is far better to regret a thing you did than a thing you did not do. Whenever an opportunity comes to do something I haven't done before, I grab it - sometimes even blindly which is, I admit, not always wise - and hope for the best. One of my biggest fears is to be on my deathbed with a lot of items still unchecked in my bucket list, filled with regret I didn't do them while I still had the chance.

This thought came to me earlier while watching the local news. It's really tough to do it nowadays (watch the news, I mean) because almost everything being reported is about crimes, tragic accidents, and senseless killings. You must have heard of the nine construction workers who died at a building site in Makati City earlier today, plus a bomb planted inside a passenger bus which killed five people the other day. My heart bleeds for the families of the construction workers who perished, most of whom are left with no one to support them financially in the next coming days. My heart screams expletives at the perpetrators of these terrorist acts of senseless killings to achieve what? What were they trying to prove? It's terribly unfair for the victims to be robbed of life just because of evil minds lurking in the streets. I am getting really emotional here, but it makes me very angry for these people to think they have the right to take other people's lives! These innocent victims have so much to live for, they have a family waiting for them to return safely, they have friends who care for them, they have SO MUCH going on for them, and for someone to remove their right to enjoy any of them, THAT'S JUST CRUEL I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL RIGHT NOW. Yesterday I was feeling upset because Christopher Nolan was not nominated for a Best Director accolade at the Oscars for the movie Inception. I was really affected and was feeling sad the whole day. But then this makes everything else I am upset about pale in comparison. I really hope they catch the people behind it soon, and for justice to please prevail. I am praying for the souls of the victims, that they may rest in peace, and for their families and friends to have the strength to face the dark days ahead.

In a way, the terrorists have won if in case their true motive is to create terror. People have begun to be scared to ride buses as form of public transportation now, as proven by one of my officemates. I myself have begun to be more paranoid in my daily commute to and from work. But then again I thought I should be able to live my life without this constant fear. I don't really know until when I can stay here (I've also always had this belief that I will die young, and I don't know why) so now I resolve to be more proactive in making sure that in case I do die young, then I will die with no regrets.

My friends say that I am so morbid when I talk like this, but I always answer that death is a fact of life. As Tuck told Winnie in the book Tuck Everlasting, "Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live."

I admit there are several things I wish I was able to foresee so I could have prevented them (like when our house was burned down in a big fire back in 2001), a number of decisions I wish I didn't make, and a few impulses I wish I didn't follow. There are lots of things I wish I could undo, things I would have done differently if given the chance. But then that is impossible, and so instead of wasting time mourning my losses I know I should just celebrate the fact I am still alive and still have the chance to make better choices and wiser decisions in the future. As the cliché goes, no regrets, just love only lessons.
Learn to let go of the past, and recognize that every day won’t be sunny. And when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair, remember it’s only in the black of night that you see the stars, and those stars will lead you back home. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you’ll get everything you wish for. Maybe you’ll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination.

- One Tree Hill

I wish and hope and pray that when my time comes, I would meet Death in the eye and greet him with a thankful smile with not the slightest hint of regret in my heart.

What is your biggest regret and what do you do to not be consumed by it?

"I felt it. Perfect... I was perfect."

24 January 2011

Alternate caption:
You can put me on top of your musical jewelry box.

Photo taken by my friend Frank Ruaya during HSBC GSC Manila's Annual Party held last Saturday. He also took these amazing photos found here. Don't you think it's a beautiful photo? I love the lights and the silhouette effect! What did you like best about it?

*Photo above is unedited except for the watermark.

**Post title are Natalie Portman as Nina's last lines in the movie Black Swan which inspired my outfit for the night.

Black Swan-esque and fuchsia lips.

23 January 2011

HSBC-GSC Manila's Annual Party - the event I have been excited about for the last few weeks - was held last night at the World Trade Center with the theme The Occasion: You! We were all asked to come in our best black rave party outfits, and after much deliberation and many trips to different malls here is what I wore:

My Black Swan-inspired outfit ♥
Photo was taken inside the ladies' room hee
I did my own makeup. Not bad for a makeup newbie, eh?
I love love love my Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fuchsia
I didn't get a pixie cut anymore, instead I just styled my hair the way Victoria Beckham did hers as shown here.
The back part of my top is made up of just lace.
Photo by my friend Frank
The hosts of the evening were the DJs of Boys NightOut Slick Rick, Tony-Tony and Sam YG. Bands from the GSC and Girlz Ink entertained the audience with their performances, but it was local band Kamikazee who brought the house down! Their vocalist Jay is so energetic and funny! :D

I've always said that the only thing I'm excited for in events like this is the looking-for-the-perfect-outfit and dressing-up part. I am not that excited on the party itself as I'm not really a fan of night-outs and clubbing. Buuut, this party proved to be a verrry enjoyable experience for me!

What follows is a pic-spam of photos from the event. Please don't get sick of my face? :D

Just to give you an idea of how many people came :)
The tallest guy is TL Julius, my former team leader who I consider as a mentor :)
Also in the photo are Ali, Asther, Ruther, Leanne, and Garri
With photographer extraordinaire and traveller-at-heart Hazel
Mojito ♥
Open bar
With our Manager for Operations, Boss Gonzo
With my very talented photographer-friend Frank
Mich and me with Eian
I did Mich's makeup! Isn't she pretty? ^^,
With Dane
With my super friend Mich
Jay of Kamikazee ^^,
I love, love, loved last night! I'm not being superficial when I say I'm glad I was able to source the things I needed in order to wear the outfit I really wanted to wear. Some of my officemates tease me that I'm stressing myself too much over something that will happen only once. But the fact that it happens only once a year is kinda the point why we have to make sure we'll look fabulous, right? They also say that there won't be anyone there I will have to dress up for anyway (seeing as how I've been single for a while now) but I always counter-quip that I don't dress up aiming to please someone else. I've always dressed up for myself, not for other people. Now if other people like what I wear, then thank you, you have great taste LOLJK. I got lots of compliments last night which I really appreciate. It always feels great to see your efforts are noticed, yes? That being said, I haven't felt this pretty in a while. What a difference a tube of fuchsia lipstick makes!

Black swarovski headband : made by my Mama
Lace top : NY Square (SM Dept Store)
Crucifix Layered Necklace : Anagon
Black tutu : Genevieve Gozum
Corset belt : YRYS
Zebra chain-link purse : Naf Naf
Lace gloves : borrowed from my friend Dewi
Black stockings : been hidden in my closet for the last four years(?)
Mesh stiletto boots : PILL at The Ramp
Ssshhh, let me tell you a secret: I was wearing a black bubble skirt inside my tutu to make it more poufy ^^,

I still can't decide what I like most: my fuchsia lips, my shoes, or my tutu. All I know is that we worked last night's Party! Yay for new friends, fuchsia-colored lips and pretty boots!

And then morning came, and we all turned into pumpkins. ;D

Black Swan

21 January 2011

A few posts ago I gave you a peek at what I will wear to our Annual Party that will be held tomorrow at the World Trade Center. I initially wanted a purple dress with black stripes, but since we were asked to come in our best black attire, I decided to forgo that and look for another outfit.

Irene guessed it right; my outfit for the bash was inspired by the movie Black Swan! And since I've already said before that I've always fancied being a ballerina, it wasn't really a tough decision to make.

Having left with nothing to do on my rest day I made this set using Polyvore, making sure that the items I included are the exact pieces I got. I succeeded in the makeup part, but when it came to the clothes, shoes and accessories I was only able to get the pieces which most resemble them. Here goes:

Yes I will wear a black tutu and I am so excited! I love the shoes I'll wear, too. Now I can't decide where to be more excited for: the tutu, the shoes, or my fuchsia lipstick :D

I am so looking forward to tomorrow! In the words of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and my friend/ officemate Mich, "Tonight I'm not takin' no calls 'cause I'll be dancin'! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Hey, Soul Sister!

20 January 2011

No one ever said you can only meet friends within your neighborhood, in your school, or in your workplace. Every once in a while fate decides to let the paths of two people meet for them to form a beautiful friendship.

I've always gushed in this blog how Ana is one of the best people I have had the pleasure to build a friendship with in real life borne from the mutual respect and admiration we've had on each other's online personas, but I don't think I've already told you how me met. Well, long before is born, I logged my musings and wanderings as purpleazureskye in my Multiply account. I was still a college student then but I've already heard of Anagon Collection as I was (and still is) a rabid collector of anything girly, one of which was my beloved Candy magazines (one issue of which featured Ana's accessories). On the Christmas Party of the PR firm I was doing my OJT for, we were given Lollipop earrings by the Boss. It turned out that our Boss' daughter was Ana's classmate and she ordered the earrings from her. The earrings were wrapped with a tag of Ana's brand with the link of her online shop and contact details. I checked her online shop, saw the link to her personal site, read a few of her blog posts, and left a comment. She then visited my site, commented, and then we instantly became friends. I call her my soul sister because it has always amazed me how we share similar experiences and interests :)

The first time we met in person was a very, very quick meeting. I was waiting on a very long queue to a Job Fair I attended which landed me my current job when she came to hand me some of the accessories she made which I then sold on my now-defunct online shop. That first meeting turned into several more that we even attended a Writing Workshop together more than two years ago! Even though we come from the two far ends of the MRT, our friendship thrived via constant online communication and finding the time to meet and do what we love best: eat yummy dessert! :D

We have many shared memories, yes (like the aforementioned Writing Workshops, a failed attempt to make an online magazine, pretty nail arts, movie dates, just because meet-ups, Jason Castro's mall tour, and now, blogger events), but I'd have to say my favorite among them all is when we watched Eraserheads LIVE! The Final Set at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds back in 7 March 2009. The Eraserheads is one of the best bands to ever grace the Philippine music scene, and to see the four band members come together on stage to have one LAST final hurrah after separating ways long ago is truly an EPIC experience. It's certainly one of the most memorable nights of 2009 my life. And of course, sharing it with a friend my age who also loved the band made it even more awesome!

We looked so young!
We shared the experience with thousandsss of other people!
An excerpt from the blogpost I made for that night:
Kailan was my favorite performance of the night. In fact it is my favorite Eheads song. It is just so sad and so haunting, and that night, under the inky black sky, the moon and the stars, with Ely singing with just a piano accompaniment and with such raw passion, I was transported back to my Elementary days. It is just pure poetry, just beautiful. Gah I'm spewing mushiness and cheese.
Anywayyy, before I forget LOL, the point of this blog entry is to greet my soul sister and entrepreneur-extraordinaire Ana a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I thank God He let Ma'am Milen buy her Christmas gifts to us from you. (But I think, even if she didn't, we'd still meet one way or another.) You are very blessed, and I wish you all the best. I love you and I hope we'll still be friends even when we're old and gray (but still fabulous). Love, luck, and good health soul sis, and more power to your brand! ♥♥ 

Pixie Krissy?

18 January 2011

I used to have long hair that almost reached my waist, but I had it cut into a short bob last November. In just almost two months, my hair has grown so fast you would think I chugged down hair-growth vitamins! I still blow-dry it everyday (at least every time I have work or have to go somewhere) but I don't like that it now looks drab and out of shape. I know I said I want it to grow fast enough so that I can have it digipermed but now, I don't know, I feel bored with it. Add to that the fact that we'll have our Annual Party this Saturday (yes, I am really taking the dressing up part for this seriously heh), and since I cannot style my hair into a bun (which would've been perfect for the Look I'm gunning for) I decided I want another hair make-over.

This time, I want a pixie cut.

Egged on by my friends Mich and Jessica, I almost had it done last Saturday at Bench FIX in Glorietta. It was already late at night though and there were still a lot of people waiting there who've already booked appointments so no one was available to attend to me. It's okay though, because when I asked my Mama about it she vehemently disagreed, saying I might look like a boy LOL. But I've had this haircut before when I was still in Elementary and I don't think I looked like one. Some of my officemates shared the same sentiment when I asked their opinion. While some, told me that I'd look cute with this hairstyle. Anyway, lemme show you some photos I've collected which I can use as inspiration for my next hair make-over.

Anne Hathaway wearing a wig on the set of a movie
Carey Mulligan
I don't think I can pull off a hairstyle this short, but I included this photo just because I think she looks really cute here.  Love her makeup :)
What do you think? I've had short haircuts before (I spent my whole High School years sporting a short layered cut) and only started growing my hair long in college. Three years ago I also had a Victoria Beckham bob - more commonly known then as Pob (Posh Bob heh).

Speaking of Victoria Beckham, if I don't have my pixie cut I guess I will just style my hair for the Party like so:

Gorgeous Beckham family :)
I don't understand why she gets a lot of flak from the British people when I don't think she has done anything wrong to deserve all the negative comments on reports about her and her family. She has raised her children well, she seems like a dedicated wife to David, she manages her own fashion design house, and yes she may not smile in pictures but she has stated before that the reason for that is because she doesn't  like her teeth. I personally like her a lot and am so happy that she is now expecting her fourth child.

Okay enough about my Posh-lovin' and let's go back to the original topic.

I really want to do it! Last Sunday my friend Mich and I tried on a pixie cut wig at SM Fairview. At least a wig won't be permanent as opposed to getting a haircut and realizing that I do look like a boy, then being forced to grin and bear it while I wait for my hair to grow back again. It cracked me up to see myself wearing  a blond pixie cut wig :D Too bad we weren't allowed to take photos! I wanted to ask for a black-colored one to match my real hair color but the sales assistant was not helpful at all. I guess I can go back on Thursday. I just hope a different sales assistant will be there.

So, do you think I can pull off Anne Hathaway's hair as seen above? Pixie haircut on me, GO or NO?

*All photos are from The Dailymail.

Gulliver's Travels with girl friends

One of the best things about my job (aside from not having to take work home) is my work schedule. Because my shift finishes at 3PM, I still have plenty of time that I can use for other recreational activities (like the way I've been visiting malls for the last couple of days).

On the first week of January Ronnielie and Miey invited me to watch Gulliver's Travels with them. Ron and I go far back; she is actually my very first friend in Elementary, cool huh? Miey is my best guy friend Jerome's former girlfriend. In the years they were together we've met only twice, but she quickly endeared herself to me. Such a sweet, sweet girl. I'm sad that their relationship ended the way it did, but since there is nothing I can do about it, I guess there is nothing else to do but move forward and hope for the best for her. And him.

Anyway, we had the movie-date yesterday. Because their work finishes at 4:00PM for Miey and 5:00PM for Ron, I had a couple of hours more to kill. Dane went to TriNoma with me, and since I've already bought the stuff I need a couple of days prior, I just accompanied him while he's looking for shirts. GOSH! If there was any instance before when I begrudged being a girl (because of I don't know, nasty menstrual cramps?) then I am taking it all back! Nothing beats being a girl! It's just so much fun to shop when you're a girl, as opposed to when you're a guy and you are faced with the same styles of shirts at every shop you go to, with the prices so exorbitantly expensive! XD Why are guys' clothes so much more expensive than girls'?

Miey and Ron arrived shortly, and we all ate at the Food Court beside the supermarket. I had Pancit Canton from Chow King ^^,

Photo taken by Dane ^^
(from left to right: me, Miey, Ron)
Also, my hair has grown so long already.
After eating he went home. The three of us then went to the Cinema to get our tickets :)

As mentioned, we watched Gulliver's Travels. The movie was... okay, I guess. And I'm sorry, I know I should not have high expectations when it comes to watching movies in this genre but... some scenes (especially the song and dance number towards the end) were just too painful to watch. Let me just say though that Emily Blunt is verrrry pretty, and Jason Segel is super charming forever.

I still had a great time though because I was with amazing people :)

Thank you girls for tagging me along :)
Oooh I just remembered! I liked the part where Jack Black was made into a doll by a giant girl :D

I had fun, thank you Miey and Ron! 'Til next time! ^^,


16 January 2011

A couple of days ago I was feeling panicky over what I will wear for our Annual Party that will be held this coming Saturday at the World Trade Center. I told you about how I found the perfect dress and how I've already envisioned the perfect outfit, except that the color of the dress I found is purple with black stripes. That is somewhat against the instructions, which is to come in your best black attire. I reasoned that I can claim the dress' color is really black with purple stripes, but knew that that will be a poor explanation when the photos from the night are published and I am the only one who didn't follow the dress code.

Anyway, the worry-days are over as I've come up with a MUCH better idea for an outfit! I wouldn't want to spoil everything and show the whole outfit now, but I will let you guys take a peek. Clue, it was inspired by a movie I saw recently. And yes, the last two days were pretty much spent buying the stuff I would be needing ^^,

Yesterday (from different stores in TriNoma, Glorietta, and SM Makati) and today (from SM Fairview) I was able to get these:

Vianka stiletto boots from PILL at The Ramp in Glorietta
The mesh material is the perfect touch. Love at first sight!
The best thing about it is that I got it on sale.
From P1,350, 15% discount was applied so I paid only P1,147.50! :D
Secret something :)
Secret something :)
Waist belt from YRYS (I'm still not sure whether I'll use this or not)
Black swarovski bracelet from YRYS
elf Eyeshadow palette for smokey eyes and Tear Drop Liner in Silver from Etude House
Diva nail polish from Elianto, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia, Revlon Lipgloss in Pale Lilac
I still need to buy a few more stuff (like a headpiece, maybe) but for all the others I will just use what I already have. Can you guess my outfit's inspiration? Any suggestions you might like to add? Lemme know, comments are appreciated! :)

EDIT: I saw a really pretty swarovski headpiece from EGG but at P600, the price was too steep. So, I decided to make my own. I bought two strings of black swarovski crystals yesterday :)

Lipstick Weekend

More than all the other perks I get from blogging, my favorite is the part where I get to meet lots of different people and gain new friends. One example is Jessica. I "met" her over a year ago when she commented on my post about Lucky Me! Mac 'n Cheese and Baked Mac, then finally got to meet her in person last year. The first time we saw each other, we clicked right away - it's like we have been meeting regularly for the last few years or so, just like old-time friends! We weren't able to talk that much though as we attended the Vanity Fair so we promised each other to schedule another date after my Singapore trip. We were supposed to meet last December, but you know how busy Decembers are, right? After eleventy thousand weeks, we finally got to see each other again yesterday :)

She requested for me to tag my good friend/ officemate Mich along as she wanted to meet her as well. Our Saturday was filled with good food, shopping, and girl talk!

Me, Jessica, Mich
Because Jessica went to my side of the Metro the last time we met, I decided to go to somewhere nearer her place this time. We went to Glorietta ^^, First activity of course was eating, which we did in Avenetto.

Mich's Lasagna
Jess and I shared a BIG serving of Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce
After eating, we went to The Ramp where I bought something for our Annual Party this coming Saturday. (By the way, I have finally solved my outfit dilemma! I will blog about it in my next post ;)) Aaaah, it seemed like I died and went to dress and shoe-heaven! After looking at every nook and cranny, we then went to SM Makati where I wasn't able to escape the desire need to buy a pretty lipstick - definitely a necessity for the Party!

Us three at the Revlon Beauty Counter :)
I got a tube each of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia and Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pastel Lilac. I was actually hesitant at first on whether I should get them already or not, but being (or not being, you decide) the bad influence they are, Mich and Jess urged me to get them as they looked really good!

The two products I got, slathered on my lips, without balm or any other lip products.
Yes, I guess they do look good.
What do you think?
After spending half my wallet's contents (LOLJK), we decided to have dessert. We went back to Glorietta for White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt.

Mich got Monkey's Hat (bananas, caramel, brownies) while Jess and I got Baker's Hat (blueberry or cherry, cheesecake and almond clusters)
What remained of our cups :D
I really had fun with you and Mich, Jess! 'Til next time! And oh yes, to Kym, in a few months, you'll be with us in a photo like this:

So excited for you to visit us, Kym!
 Pretty pink lipstick is pretty and good girl friends are love.