A Piece of Me... in January 2011

02 January 2011

This month,

I like that we will have our Holiday Party on the 22nd! A Holiday Party so late for last December's festivities that it's already way too early for this year's holiday season! LOL I don't know why they always hold the annual party on "unexpected" dates. 2008's Discovolution was held on January 20; 2009's Planet Groove was held on November 28; 2010's Party Central was held on January 9; and now, this! They have yet to announce the theme of the party though so I don't know what to wear yet. I'm planning on getting a bold-colored dress, though.

I don't like that I will have work the next day after the party. That means I won't be able to stay for as long as I want.

I want you to know that [after being wishy-washy on whether I would include it in my Wish List or not] I just decided earlier today - while reading the reviews on Amazon - that I want a Kindle. I hope [knowing my spending pattern] that I can get to save up for one before the end of the first half of 2011 :)

I've planned to be Little Miss Organized this month.

Let me share with you a little peak on the gateway to Narnia my closet
My closet is already bursting at the seams and I know I really have to sort out the ones I don't wear anymore to the ones I still use. Time to get all the space occupied by unused clothing back! :D

Also, today I finally got to get all my other stuff that were still in my friend/ former teammate's house and move all of them here to my new apartment. My abode literally looks like a warzone right now, what with all the number of stuff I managed to acquire all throughout the previous year! My plan is to buy shelves and boxes so I can make my home homey again.

I want to say to someone special ALL OF YOU, I can just feel that this year is going to be ah-ma-zing. May we always find joy in the simplest things, beauty in the most unlikely places, and happiness in our heart of hearts. HAPPY 2011!

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