Pixie Krissy?

18 January 2011

I used to have long hair that almost reached my waist, but I had it cut into a short bob last November. In just almost two months, my hair has grown so fast you would think I chugged down hair-growth vitamins! I still blow-dry it everyday (at least every time I have work or have to go somewhere) but I don't like that it now looks drab and out of shape. I know I said I want it to grow fast enough so that I can have it digipermed but now, I don't know, I feel bored with it. Add to that the fact that we'll have our Annual Party this Saturday (yes, I am really taking the dressing up part for this seriously heh), and since I cannot style my hair into a bun (which would've been perfect for the Look I'm gunning for) I decided I want another hair make-over.

This time, I want a pixie cut.

Egged on by my friends Mich and Jessica, I almost had it done last Saturday at Bench FIX in Glorietta. It was already late at night though and there were still a lot of people waiting there who've already booked appointments so no one was available to attend to me. It's okay though, because when I asked my Mama about it she vehemently disagreed, saying I might look like a boy LOL. But I've had this haircut before when I was still in Elementary and I don't think I looked like one. Some of my officemates shared the same sentiment when I asked their opinion. While some, told me that I'd look cute with this hairstyle. Anyway, lemme show you some photos I've collected which I can use as inspiration for my next hair make-over.

Anne Hathaway wearing a wig on the set of a movie
Carey Mulligan
I don't think I can pull off a hairstyle this short, but I included this photo just because I think she looks really cute here.  Love her makeup :)
What do you think? I've had short haircuts before (I spent my whole High School years sporting a short layered cut) and only started growing my hair long in college. Three years ago I also had a Victoria Beckham bob - more commonly known then as Pob (Posh Bob heh).

Speaking of Victoria Beckham, if I don't have my pixie cut I guess I will just style my hair for the Party like so:

Gorgeous Beckham family :)
I don't understand why she gets a lot of flak from the British people when I don't think she has done anything wrong to deserve all the negative comments on reports about her and her family. She has raised her children well, she seems like a dedicated wife to David, she manages her own fashion design house, and yes she may not smile in pictures but she has stated before that the reason for that is because she doesn't  like her teeth. I personally like her a lot and am so happy that she is now expecting her fourth child.

Okay enough about my Posh-lovin' and let's go back to the original topic.

I really want to do it! Last Sunday my friend Mich and I tried on a pixie cut wig at SM Fairview. At least a wig won't be permanent as opposed to getting a haircut and realizing that I do look like a boy, then being forced to grin and bear it while I wait for my hair to grow back again. It cracked me up to see myself wearing  a blond pixie cut wig :D Too bad we weren't allowed to take photos! I wanted to ask for a black-colored one to match my real hair color but the sales assistant was not helpful at all. I guess I can go back on Thursday. I just hope a different sales assistant will be there.

So, do you think I can pull off Anne Hathaway's hair as seen above? Pixie haircut on me, GO or NO?

*All photos are from The Dailymail.

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