Hey, Soul Sister!

20 January 2011

No one ever said you can only meet friends within your neighborhood, in your school, or in your workplace. Every once in a while fate decides to let the paths of two people meet for them to form a beautiful friendship.

I've always gushed in this blog how Ana is one of the best people I have had the pleasure to build a friendship with in real life borne from the mutual respect and admiration we've had on each other's online personas, but I don't think I've already told you how me met. Well, long before krissyfied.com is born, I logged my musings and wanderings as purpleazureskye in my Multiply account. I was still a college student then but I've already heard of Anagon Collection as I was (and still is) a rabid collector of anything girly, one of which was my beloved Candy magazines (one issue of which featured Ana's accessories). On the Christmas Party of the PR firm I was doing my OJT for, we were given Lollipop earrings by the Boss. It turned out that our Boss' daughter was Ana's classmate and she ordered the earrings from her. The earrings were wrapped with a tag of Ana's brand with the link of her online shop and contact details. I checked her online shop, saw the link to her personal site, read a few of her blog posts, and left a comment. She then visited my site, commented, and then we instantly became friends. I call her my soul sister because it has always amazed me how we share similar experiences and interests :)

The first time we met in person was a very, very quick meeting. I was waiting on a very long queue to a Job Fair I attended which landed me my current job when she came to hand me some of the accessories she made which I then sold on my now-defunct online shop. That first meeting turned into several more that we even attended a Writing Workshop together more than two years ago! Even though we come from the two far ends of the MRT, our friendship thrived via constant online communication and finding the time to meet and do what we love best: eat yummy dessert! :D

We have many shared memories, yes (like the aforementioned Writing Workshops, a failed attempt to make an online magazine, pretty nail arts, movie dates, just because meet-ups, Jason Castro's mall tour, and now, blogger events), but I'd have to say my favorite among them all is when we watched Eraserheads LIVE! The Final Set at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds back in 7 March 2009. The Eraserheads is one of the best bands to ever grace the Philippine music scene, and to see the four band members come together on stage to have one LAST final hurrah after separating ways long ago is truly an EPIC experience. It's certainly one of the most memorable nights of 2009 my life. And of course, sharing it with a friend my age who also loved the band made it even more awesome!

We looked so young!
We shared the experience with thousandsss of other people!
An excerpt from the blogpost I made for that night:
Kailan was my favorite performance of the night. In fact it is my favorite Eheads song. It is just so sad and so haunting, and that night, under the inky black sky, the moon and the stars, with Ely singing with just a piano accompaniment and with such raw passion, I was transported back to my Elementary days. It is just pure poetry, just beautiful. Gah I'm spewing mushiness and cheese.
Anywayyy, before I forget LOL, the point of this blog entry is to greet my soul sister and entrepreneur-extraordinaire Ana a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I thank God He let Ma'am Milen buy her Christmas gifts to us from you. (But I think, even if she didn't, we'd still meet one way or another.) You are very blessed, and I wish you all the best. I love you and I hope we'll still be friends even when we're old and gray (but still fabulous). Love, luck, and good health soul sis, and more power to your brand! ♥♥ 

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