I'm fine. My nose is just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out.

11 January 2011

Blame the now-it's-hot, now-it's-cold weather sprinkled with a good dose of rainshowers, and my puny 88lbs body has been subjected to cough and colds plus slight fever for the last couple of days. Last Friday was the worst; I felt miserable because of the pains I was feeling all over and I missed my mom's taking care of me whenever I'm sick, but I cannot do anything about it because I wasn't due to come home to my parents' house 'til yesterday. Having no one to take care of me when I'm sick is prolly the worst thing about living independently :( But anyway, I went home yesterday and was immediately attended to by my family. Earlier I laid down for a catnap but woke up 5 hours and 30 minutes earlier o.0 I wouldn't even have woken up if it weren't for my Mama who insisted I eat dinner and sate my grumbling stomach >.<

These days I have reruns of How I Met Your Mother (blog post title is a quote from Barney Stinson. Btw, congratulations Neil Patrick Harris for winning the People's Choice Award for Best Comedy Actor - TV!), Youtube videos, and Facebook's current biggest game Cityville to amuse me.

I named my city Krissy City. Now that I think about it, it's quite narcissistic, no?
It is my newest obsession. As of this moment I have already reached Level 36 LOL. I love how it allows you to run your own city by building houses and letting people to move in them, building businesses and creating business names, and even franchising your businesses to your  neighbors ^^, 

Apart from that, I am wasting my time  (in a good way) looking for the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and perfect makeup look for our Holiday Party which will be held on the 22nd. I think I've already found the perfect everything, I'm just waiting for my money so I can buy them already.

So yeah, this is just a quick, random post to say I'm still alive, albeit sick (but still awesome, yes?) all over.

I hope this sickness bug leaves me real soon, the week ahead will be a very busy one! See you guys, I hope you're all having a much better week than I am. And oh, Happy 01-11-11! ^^,

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