Lipstick Weekend

16 January 2011

More than all the other perks I get from blogging, my favorite is the part where I get to meet lots of different people and gain new friends. One example is Jessica. I "met" her over a year ago when she commented on my post about Lucky Me! Mac 'n Cheese and Baked Mac, then finally got to meet her in person last year. The first time we saw each other, we clicked right away - it's like we have been meeting regularly for the last few years or so, just like old-time friends! We weren't able to talk that much though as we attended the Vanity Fair so we promised each other to schedule another date after my Singapore trip. We were supposed to meet last December, but you know how busy Decembers are, right? After eleventy thousand weeks, we finally got to see each other again yesterday :)

She requested for me to tag my good friend/ officemate Mich along as she wanted to meet her as well. Our Saturday was filled with good food, shopping, and girl talk!

Me, Jessica, Mich
Because Jessica went to my side of the Metro the last time we met, I decided to go to somewhere nearer her place this time. We went to Glorietta ^^, First activity of course was eating, which we did in Avenetto.

Mich's Lasagna
Jess and I shared a BIG serving of Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce
After eating, we went to The Ramp where I bought something for our Annual Party this coming Saturday. (By the way, I have finally solved my outfit dilemma! I will blog about it in my next post ;)) Aaaah, it seemed like I died and went to dress and shoe-heaven! After looking at every nook and cranny, we then went to SM Makati where I wasn't able to escape the desire need to buy a pretty lipstick - definitely a necessity for the Party!

Us three at the Revlon Beauty Counter :)
I got a tube each of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia and Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pastel Lilac. I was actually hesitant at first on whether I should get them already or not, but being (or not being, you decide) the bad influence they are, Mich and Jess urged me to get them as they looked really good!

The two products I got, slathered on my lips, without balm or any other lip products.
Yes, I guess they do look good.
What do you think?
After spending half my wallet's contents (LOLJK), we decided to have dessert. We went back to Glorietta for White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt.

Mich got Monkey's Hat (bananas, caramel, brownies) while Jess and I got Baker's Hat (blueberry or cherry, cheesecake and almond clusters)
What remained of our cups :D
I really had fun with you and Mich, Jess! 'Til next time! And oh yes, to Kym, in a few months, you'll be with us in a photo like this:

So excited for you to visit us, Kym!
 Pretty pink lipstick is pretty and good girl friends are love.

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