Gulliver's Travels with girl friends

18 January 2011

One of the best things about my job (aside from not having to take work home) is my work schedule. Because my shift finishes at 3PM, I still have plenty of time that I can use for other recreational activities (like the way I've been visiting malls for the last couple of days).

On the first week of January Ronnielie and Miey invited me to watch Gulliver's Travels with them. Ron and I go far back; she is actually my very first friend in Elementary, cool huh? Miey is my best guy friend Jerome's former girlfriend. In the years they were together we've met only twice, but she quickly endeared herself to me. Such a sweet, sweet girl. I'm sad that their relationship ended the way it did, but since there is nothing I can do about it, I guess there is nothing else to do but move forward and hope for the best for her. And him.

Anyway, we had the movie-date yesterday. Because their work finishes at 4:00PM for Miey and 5:00PM for Ron, I had a couple of hours more to kill. Dane went to TriNoma with me, and since I've already bought the stuff I need a couple of days prior, I just accompanied him while he's looking for shirts. GOSH! If there was any instance before when I begrudged being a girl (because of I don't know, nasty menstrual cramps?) then I am taking it all back! Nothing beats being a girl! It's just so much fun to shop when you're a girl, as opposed to when you're a guy and you are faced with the same styles of shirts at every shop you go to, with the prices so exorbitantly expensive! XD Why are guys' clothes so much more expensive than girls'?

Miey and Ron arrived shortly, and we all ate at the Food Court beside the supermarket. I had Pancit Canton from Chow King ^^,

Photo taken by Dane ^^
(from left to right: me, Miey, Ron)
Also, my hair has grown so long already.
After eating he went home. The three of us then went to the Cinema to get our tickets :)

As mentioned, we watched Gulliver's Travels. The movie was... okay, I guess. And I'm sorry, I know I should not have high expectations when it comes to watching movies in this genre but... some scenes (especially the song and dance number towards the end) were just too painful to watch. Let me just say though that Emily Blunt is verrrry pretty, and Jason Segel is super charming forever.

I still had a great time though because I was with amazing people :)

Thank you girls for tagging me along :)
Oooh I just remembered! I liked the part where Jack Black was made into a doll by a giant girl :D

I had fun, thank you Miey and Ron! 'Til next time! ^^,

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