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13 October 2009

It's not a big secret that I cannot cook. I have tried to learn (I bought cookbooks and Yummy magazines, watched cooking shows and was given lessons by my friend and former housemate Ruther) but no, I remain an undomestic goddess, especially when it comes to the kitchen. And I am not even dreaming to cook fancy-schmanzy meals; all I want is to learn how to whip something up if needed be, say I am alone (and hungry!) at the pad or if I have some guests over. I do not really need to impress anyone with my cooking prowess, learning some basics is enough (well it would be great to learn how to bake as well).

I think I am branching out of my original intended topic again. Sorry :D Ehem. I've mentioned in my Independence Day post that half of the year I stayed independent is spent not having dinner :D Blame it on my lack of cooking skills and at times, sheer laziness. It's easy to get sick of fastfood and takeaways you know, especially if that's all you eat for five days straight.

But my perspective changed when I saw these in Ana's blog:

Lucky Me! Mac & Cheez and Lucky Me! Baked Mac
photo grabbed from her site

I looked for them the next chance I got and I swear, they are so yummy! I bought two packs only the first time I saw it at the supermarket so that if I don't like it then I would not feel like I wasted money. I regretted it though because after tasting it I decided I want more! When I went to SM Fairview though they were already out of stock (there was a huge chunk in their noodles section where these should have been) so I hoarded the next time I saw them at a supermarket near my friend/ officemate Marsha's house. And I did hoard indeed; I bought 7 packs each :D I've already eaten like 8 packs already and I swear I haven't gotten sick of it yet.

I cannot decide which I like best though because they are both yummy in their own right; Mac and Cheez tastes like it was made in cheese heaven while Baked Mac has just the right mix of tomato sauce, pimiento and other herbs and spices. :)

And I may not know how to cook, but I know how to spice things up.

Lucky Me! Mac & Cheez with corned beef

Lucky Me! Baked Mac with Fita crackers

I am thinking of other possible toppings to complement them.. Jelly beans? Gummi worms? No? :D

At only 14.25php each, these can definitely give Greenwich's baked macaroni a run for its money. I know I cannot subsist on takeout and instant food forever, but for the moment, I think these will do. Now you know what I'm having for dinner (in the pad. My Ma makes sure I eat healthy, home-cooked meals when I'm at their house), for the next few weeks at least :)


  1. Wow, I didn't think these would be any good! I'll have to give them a try. ;)

    And about the nail polish, yes you could customize your own polish! Sometimes I find it frustrating not getting the color I want so a great way is to make your own. You should try it sometime, especially if you have mineral pigments, it's a great way to use them.

  2. oh yummy the mac n cheese with corn beef is a good idea! i usually mix ground beef in with my mac n cheese too :)

  3. Dayum, the ylook so good, I always love mac and cheese.

    I'm definitely not a domestic goddess as well. Can you believe I actually BURNT microwaved popcorn? Real sad:P

  4. good job the mac and cheese with corned beef looks good and also the baked mac with fita crackers haha you and i are the same i dont know how to cook either mainly since i dont have the patience, but im happy you at least have some fun while eating those good job.

  5. @ Nina: Yes, you should, they are really yummy! :D
    I've never tried customizing my nail polish, that sounds like a great idea! Better get me some mineral pigments, thank you for the tips :)

    @ amynaree: It's more delicious that way, right? :)

    @ Andhari: I know, I read that in one of your blogs :D Don't worry, I have my share of kitchen horror stories as well :D As Carrie Bradshaw said, "The only thing I make successfully in the kitchen is a mess, and some little fires." LOL!

    @ annie marie: It's good to hear I am not the only one with this problem (not learning how to cook haha!) Try these, they're really good! :)

  6. Hello there! I found your blog on my blogging buddies kym and Mel's blogs. Anyway, I love finding Filipino bloggers here. So nice to stumble upon you! :)

    Mac and cheese...yummy!

  7. oh nooooo! mac and cheese! high in calories but high in satisfaction! hehe. agree?

    anyway, it's okay! you have plenty of time to learn! ^_^ it's not too late. like i always say, if you know how to read and follow directions, you can COOK! :]

  8. @ Jessica: Thank you for visiting! I'll visit your blog as soon as I finish this reply :)

    @ Abby: Agree! Haha I love what you said! Will def repeat that to my officemates who are making fun of me for not knowing how to cook :D

  9. krissy! hahah i was gonna blog about baking palang.. i baked macaroons this afternoon.

    want me to teach you how to make mac and cheese? i swear they're so easy :D

  10. Stumbled onto this blog... Right now I'm itching to ditch office and head for SM just to buy those Lucky Me! I didn't know that product was available. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. all those food looks sooooooooo yummy. Krissy you are making me hungry!. ahhaahaha

  12. LOVE mac and cheese, another good one is ramen noodles if you haven't gotten sick of that already ;)

  13. I must say it look delicious for someone who says she doesn't know how too cook. Bravo! :-)

  14. @ Belle: macaroons! yum! I know (or at least I think I do) how to bake those, we did those in Home Economics in 3rd year HS :D You're going to teach me? Wow! Are you sure? Many have tried but all have failed :D

    @ Té la mà Maria - Reus: Thank you for visiting!

    @ gwacie: Thank you for visiting! Were you successful in getting some from SM? :)

    @ Mel: Maybe you will also have these in supermarkets there! :D

    @ Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!: Oh yes I love ramen! :)

    @ MKL: Thank you! That's actually very easy to make. Boil water, put the noodles in, then wait for 2 minutes. Strain. Mix the sauce in and tadah! Instant mac and cheese! :D

  15. just get some dessicated coconut, condensed milk, white sugar, eggs, butter. mixed them all together, dump them in the little paper cups and bake til golden brown. hahaha :)


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